Apple is forced to include an iPhone charger because it has no “environmental benefits”.

Brazilian users could buy an iPhone with a charger.

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Apple is forced to include an iPhone charger because it has no “environmental benefits”.
Apple is forced to include an iPhone charger because it has no “environmental benefits”.

Apple has taken the charger and headphones out of the box on all iPhones released since the iPhone 12 was released. Above due to part of its efforts to reduce the impact and benefit the environment.

The controversy of iPhones without a charger or headphones is on the rise, authorities said Brazil They have called for the Cupertino-based company to include a charger with the new mobile devices to be sold in the country, which they haven’t done since the iPhone 12 was launched.

All of the above after the Procon-SP Foundationwhich is dedicated to consumer protection in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has requested Manzana Valid evidence that not including the charger in the packaging of the new “smartphones” is not negative for users. Similarly, you will be asked to review the real and specific benefits of not including this charger from the internet iPhones for the environment and how this action will have “positive” effects. However, Apple has responded to these requests He has not made any “valid” arguments for this agency that defends consumers.

According to a statement posted on the Procon-SP site, Apple is being asked to review the benefits of selling its phones without a charger.

Among the company’s arguments, there is nothing new than what was mentioned on the day of its presentation, where shows the advantage of helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

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“The charger is essential for using the mobile device”

The According to the Procon-SP Foundation, the charger is essential to be able to use the phone. They also mention that Apple hasn’t proven that old chargers offer the same charging experience as a new one. Nor has it been proven that the use of third-party chargers does not serve to circumvent the company’s warranty.

Also because I am one significant and important change in the way the product is marketed, Since this device is usually sold with the charger, this change should have been reported – which never happened – he mentions in his analysis Procon-SP.

The decision will be assessed by the authorities. The foundation concludes by stating that Apple’s behavior is being reviewed by the board of directors. In the same way Consumers should obtain a charger from the company.

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