Apple doesn’t want you to cover your MacBook’s camera

The apple company warns that this can harm.

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Apple doesn’t want you to cover your MacBook’s camera
Apple doesn’t want you to cover your MacBook’s camera

We know that after seeing Black mirror or simply cover your camera for security reasons MacBook. However, Manzana It doesn’t want you to do it, the technology company warned on its website that this could be harmful to the device.

“If you close the Mac notebook with a camera covered with a cover, you can damage the screen because the distance between it and the keyboard is fully designed. In addition, attaching a cover to the built-in camera can interfere with the ambient light sensor and prevent settings such as automatic brightness and technology from working. Right sound“It is in the explanation.

The company emphasizes that its laptops should protect users’ privacy by including an indicator light that notifies you when your camera is active.

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“The camera FaceTime HD It’s built into your Mac, designed with your privacy in mind, and has a green indicator light that lights up when the camera is active. That way you always know when the camera is on, ”they explain.

The Apple company adds that as an additional security measure, you can control which applications have access to your camera and make recommendations if you are forced to cover them in your work environment:

  • Do not use a cover that is thicker than that of standard paper (0.1 mm).

  • Do not use adhesive covers that leave residues.

  • If your cover is thicker than allowed, remove it before closing your MacBook.

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