Apple announces new operating system update: IOS 15

On June 7th, Apple will hold its Worldwide Developers Conference this week to announce the updates that will include its new IOS 15 operating system.

The first will be that they will improve the application of Facetime and will be users of Android Yes window Use it in a web version. You will too SharePlay, This enables participants to watch movies together, listen to their Apple Music or use applications at the same time during the call. In addition, the audio of calls is better controlled by eliminating ambient noise.

Apple announces new operating system update: IOS 15
Apple announces new operating system update: IOS 15

They will add the feature focus, which allows you to manage your notifications so you can focus on what’s most important and avoid distractions. For example, instead of setting your device to “Do Not Disturb”, you can set the “Work” option so that you only get the relevant notifications and the personal ones don’t appear.

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Notifications are also sorted by priority on the home screen based on the applications that the user interacts with the most. The icons next to the notification are enlarged and text messages have a photo for better readability.

Live text It is a feature added to the camera that allows text to be added to the mobile phone when you take a picture. For example, if you take a photo from a phone, it will appear with the option to call. The design of safari to make navigation easier. And finally, to compete with Waze, Apple is developing the best map and digital navigation system, so the Maps application is also being improved.

These are just a few of the new features that await us with iOS 15.

You can see the event in direct YouTube streaming:

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