AppCoins: A Revolution To The Application Industry

We are realising the true power of blockchain and with time it is going to be improved exponentially. Now smart people around the world are coming together to make this world a better place for living. Even a small step is appreciated by the people. This is what makes the blockchain and its big community a wonderful place. AppCoin is a project in the same direction meant for the mobile application users. Giants companies like Apple and Google earns a lot of money by preinstalling their apps on the devices. That is why centralised repos makes it highly inefficient not only for general public but also for developers. There are a lot of intermediate entities that comes in between to take their cut and reduce the potential severely. According to a survey only 5% of the people make in-app purchases because of the costs and inefficiency.

AppCoins is a project on the blockchain that helps to eliminate the dependencies and providing us a much stable and efficient app economy. There is a similar platform already called Mobius but it only targets the decentralised applications. But AppCoins works in a different way by creating distributed protocols.

How It will work?

A person who want to advertise its application on the app store will pay to the store based on the number of downloads it generated and 85% of the advertising amount will be given to the user in the form of AppCoins. The bad thing is that these tokens can only be used for in-app purchases. It creates a really robust architecture which will promote the users to do in-app purchases and ultimately will provide value to the developer’s work and all. There won’t be any centralised interactions. There is a lot of things going on behind the curtains with strong business logic and overall improvement of technology.

What are AppCoin Tokens?

AppCoins: A Revolution To The Application Industry
AppCoins: A Revolution To The Application Industry

These are the ERC-20 tokens that are distibuted on the ETH blockchain. It can only be used for the transaction but only in the Application store eco-system.

Additional Information

The Idea seems great to me with huge potential market. This is definitely worth a look.

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