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APP hi + Card for Post-COVID-19 tourism in Spain with blockchain technology

May 17, 2020

With a global economic recession on your doorstep due to the coronavirus crisis, bet on The use of technology to revitalize key sectors in Europe is beginning to become known and Spain is no exception.

In the Iberian Peninsula The launch of the APP hi + Card was announced as a global tourism application with blockchain technology Supporting the nation Cervantes’ main income sector in boosting its economy by betting on a local proposal between various players in the civil aviation and tourism sectors.

Antonio López de Ávila, CEO and co-founder of Tourism Data Driven Solution (TDDS), is the person behind the idea, who, together with the Castilla y León Aviation Institute and civil aviation experts, developed the application to go into operation in August 2020 when COVID-19 is expected to end mobility restrictions.

APP hi + Card for Post-COVID-19 tourism in Spain with blockchain technology
APP hi + Card for Post-COVID-19 tourism in Spain with blockchain technology

The proposal has been so well received by organizations dealing with Spain’s two major industries, such as aviation and tourism, that The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and IATA immediately agreed to implement them worldwide.

The Health iCard (hi ​​+ Card) is a kind of digital immunity pass, with which the owner can move freely through the various checkpoints ready worldwide due to the coronavirus crisis. The application has double encryption in the blockchain and double factor authentication for more security.

According to the official note on the TDDS blog The mobile app stores medical records and enables travelers to travel safely and under complete control of their data at any time thanks to the encryption in a blockchain based in Europe.

hi + Card is part of the solutions that the World Tourism Organization supports to reduce the impact of COVID-19 and to support the recovery of the sector worldwide. The first test is expected to take place on a flight to the Canary Islands next July before being carried out in August certainly.

In a pandemic-stricken sector where the International Civil Aviation Authority (IATA) reports losses in industrial revenue from air traffic restrictions of around $ 314 billion this year, The application could be part of the solution to accelerate the recovery of the aviation and tourism sectors in the second half of the year.

In addition, the effects of the coronavirus can already be felt in the jobs in the civil aviation sector, with an estimate of 25 million jobs lost, where the news of the dismissal of 1,400 people from abroad is already reflected in Latin America at LATAM airlines in branches in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

Regarding the introduction of the hi + card, the co-founder and CEO of TDDS stated the following:

“”The application creates a unique profile for each user using the valid digital ID Issued by a national agency (Ministry of the Interior / Police) where a health facility accredited by the Ministry of Health uploads medical information.

This avoids the possibility of creating false profiles or manipulating medical records. Users ask these entities to store the encrypted and secure information directly in their profiles using the blockchain. “

The Air Institute, an international research institute for artificial intelligence and communication science based in Valladolid (Spain), was the winner of the Transfer Challenge convened by TDDS, Alastria and Consell Formentera last February to develop a technology that enables measurement and control the impact of tourists in Formentera to ensure sustainability.

In this context, Juan Manuel Corchado, co-founder of hi + Card and President of the Air Institute, found that “”The travel and health app is the safest on the world market today. Since it is based on a European blockchain platform, it complies 100% with the most demanding EU data protection regulations. “