Antonio Costa asks to avoid a political situation “in Spain” in Portugal


The Portuguese Prime Minister, the socialist António Costa, has charged against his parliamentary partners, Bloque de Izquierda and has valued the support of the Communist Party of Portugal to his Government before asking for support to achieve an absolute majority in the elections planned for the next 6 October, in order to avoid a situation of political blockade “the Spanish”.

“It is essential a clear reinforcement of the Socialist Party. It is necessary to avoid a political situation to the Spanish, where we have a skinny Socialist Party that governs in a situation of ungovernability. That nobody wants,” he argued in an interview with the newspaper ' Express' publishes this Saturday.

Antonio Costa asks to avoid a political situation “in Spain” in Portugal
Antonio Costa asks to avoid a political situation “in Spain” in Portugal

“One of the distinctive factors of Portugal in Europe is that we are practically a village of Astérix of stability and that has immense value that shows in what we pay in interest, in the capacity to attract foreign investment,” he explained.

In the interview he has charged in particular against the Left Bloc, more critical of the work of the socialist government, while praising the PCP.

“I have a friend who makes a very funny comparison: the PCP is a true mass party, while the Bloc is a 'mass media' party,” he said. This has underlined the “institutional maturity” of the PCP, which “does not live with the anguish of having to be news every day.” “It's very easy to work with him,” he said.

As for possible formulas after the elections after the speculation of a written program agreement signed by the forces that support the government, Costa has called on to wait after the elections because “only then will we know the conditions for the formation of government.”

Costa came to power on November 26, 2015 after a motion of censure from the PS supported by the Left Bloc, the PCP and environmentalists overthrowing a conservative government without a parliamentary majority. Now the PS goes to new elections as a favorite in the polls after exhausting the legislature.

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