Anti-vaccines threaten to confront British MPs for their “evil deeds”

Anti-vaccine and anti-inclusion groups are organizing “online” to personally confront British MPs about their “evil deeds,” according to the British network Sky News.

On the Internet, especially in the Telegram messaging application, these people give advice on how to find MPs’ offices and their addresses. Likewise, members of these groups and like-minded groups share photos and videos of themselves approaching politicians or their offices on Telegram.

The Sky News data team has found at least six different groups of people talking about how to find and confront MPs on the app. One of them, which encourages its members to speak personally to politicians and to protest outside their office and apartment doors, was founded five months ago. It currently has around 2,350 members from across the country.

Anti-vaccines threaten to confront British MPs for their “evil deeds”
Anti-vaccines threaten to confront British MPs for their “evil deeds”

The description of his Telegram channel indicates that it is a “community (…) way.

They want to convince parliamentarians of the dangers of vaccines against COVID-19 from their point of view. They also want to prevent restrictive measures from being imposed in the UK, particularly lockdowns or vaccination cards. Now users have been asked to indicate which part of the country they live in and who their local MP is. The names of more than 100 British MPs are mentioned.

The potential threats to UK MPs stem from growing concerns about the safety of politicians following the murder of MP David Amess. The event is being investigated as terrorism and is unrelated to anti-vaccine movements or any restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week, the “number two” of the British government, Michael Gove, had to be escorted by police officers after he was surrounded by opponents of the vaccination. Meanwhile, other MPs, such as Justice Minister Dominic Raab, denounced threats and harassment.

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