Ant spending of the new normal wrecking your portfolio

Digital consumption multiplies and dethrones potatoes and coffee as imperceptible main costs.

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Ant spending of the new normal wrecking your portfolio
Ant spending of the new normal wrecking your portfolio

Even if you stopped going to the office and felt like you were saving the morning coffee and afternoon potatoes, the dreaded ones are Ant cost You have not disappeared from your daily life, but have transformed.

The new normal has brought new customs and ways of consumption with it, which is why new ant editions have appeared. These are the small consumer expenditures that are made without much thought and that can have a negative impact on your budget.

“Digital payments rose in quarantine and the new consumer was bombarded with offers to buy without leaving home. As a result, they have started making small purchases that together represent a large percentage of their monthly income.” reflects Cristian Huertas, Country Manager at Fintech Spanish Bnext.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Computer Science (INEGI), the cost of ants was around 10% of Mexican salary in the old normal, with an emphasis on traditional expenses such as coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks, snacks, and candy without closing forget spending on transportation and entertainment platforms.

“We have seen an increase in payments from Spotify, Amazon, Netflix and Uber among our users, indicating that we are looking for more entertainment platforms than before. At the same time, the average cost in the supermarket for each transaction is 500 pesos, which may indicate less thoughtful and capricious consumption, ”adds Huertas.

Next, the Bnext team lists the seven most common ant expenses of the new normal so you can see what expenses you’re falling into and understand what can affect your monthly budget and savings:

  • Shipping costs for every online purchase.

  • The second or third entertainment platform if you’ve used one.

  • Shop at home because you are tired of cooking at home.

  • The extra products that you put in the virtual supermarket trolley to treat yourself to, such as chocolates, cookies, potatoes, beers, etc., before you even knew which aisle they were in.

  • That extra shirt or new pans you bought from Mercado Libre or Amazon because you spent hours in the marketplaces.

  • All the tips for the deliverers of your online purchases.

  • The trips you take on private transportation platforms because you don’t want to return to public transportation.

“It’s not about stopping doing what we want, but in these uncertain economic times it is more important than ever to save and reduce unnecessary costs. So it is necessary to visualize and manage them with the help of technology, ”concludes the Bnext country manager.

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