Another candidate murdered in Mexico for the elections

The candidate of the civil movement party for the office of mayor of Cazones in the north of Veracruz, Rene Tovar Tovar, was shot dead in his apartment, according to police. According to the consulting firm Integralia, at least 167 candidates have died since September. Another consulting firm, Etellekt, finds 90 politicians who have died.

A group of armed people attempted to kidnap Tovar, but during the attempt they opened fire and he died, according to police sources consulted by the El Universal newspaper.

Since September there have been around 800 attacks on Mexican politicians in the election campaign for this Sunday, including murders, kidnappings, kidnappings and threats. 167 of them ended in deaths, according to the Integralia study cited by the Mexican newspaper “La Razón”.

Another candidate murdered in Mexico for the elections
Another candidate murdered in Mexico for the elections

For its part, Etellekt counted 782 attacks on politicians and candidates, slightly more than the 774 attacks in the 2018 elections. Of these, 518 were candidates and candidates. The most common aggression is threats, of which 278 have been reported and the state with the most aggression is Veracruz with 117, according to Etellekt Veracruz.

However, authorities such as the Mexican Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero have ruled out that this violence is “choosy motivated”.

According to Sánchez Cordero, “clearly” differentiated motives were distinguished in the incidents and he first mentioned conflicts that result from social demands, mainly in rural areas and in indigenous communities such as Chiapas, Oaxaca, Nayarit and Michoacán.

On the other hand, he has pointed out that trade unions, farmers’ organizations, people’s organizations or student organizations use the electoral situation to “exert sometimes violent pressure” in order to achieve the satisfaction of their demands “which have nothing to do with the elections”. . “

More than 21,000 popularly elected offices are at stake on Sunday, including 500 federal deputies; 15 governor posts; 1,063 positions at local conventions; 17,000 in town halls; and more than 1,900 mayor’s offices where the greatest risk to the candidates is perceived.

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