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Anonymous, Trump, censorship in social networks. The chaos of the post-truth era. What the hell is going on

June 5, 2020

We live in difficult times. Nobody trusts anyone anymore. Information is more propaganda than information. The objective facts have obviously gone out of fashion. The subjective is glorified as a sign of purity. The opinion is formed with emotions and personal beliefs. Now the big issues are discussed on the basis of half-truths, errors, feelings, resentments and reproaches. The rest are always to blame for a big conspiracy theory. And we are the absolute heroes of our own narrative. Everything is bad news. They all deceive us. There are no trustworthy experts or authorities. And nothing is what it seems. The system is the enemy. Only what confirms our ideas is true. Now the high priests are on YouTube. Welcome to the post-truth era! The individual is always right and the others are liars.

The habit of speaking without knowing it is nothing new. Since the world is world, there were always people who said nonsense. There has always been this character who believes that he is an expert in all subjects, even though he lacks the training. It’s not uncommon to meet smarties in this world. I mean the kind of person who watches a few documentaries on the Discovery Channel and then talks about it at a meeting on Sunday with his friend, a doctor of nuclear physics. He affirms, refutes and contradicts without shame. His friend explains it to him, but he continues to “clarify” things for his friend on an issue that he obviously does not master.

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Anonymous, Trump, censorship in social networks. The chaos of the post-truth era. What the hell is going onAnonymous, Trump, censorship in social networks. The chaos of the post-truth era. What the hell is going on

Deep in his soul, however, the subject is convinced that his friend is deeply wrong and he is the one who is right. In a way, ignorance makes him more noble and much more sensitive in describing the secrets of the universe. According to him, his friend was systematically deceived and blinded by the university bureaucracy. The ignorant knows and the knower is actually ignorant. and how do you know that? We are sorry He has the feeling that he has discovered the truth and has woken up. The world is deceiving him, but he is pure enough to uncover the conspiracy. Now you see everything with immaculate clarity. He learned it on YouTube. One weekend he discovered the truth of the galaxy. He is now enlightened.

This is an extremely strange phenomenon. Nobody is trusted. Every institution is challenged. Universities, science, experts, government agencies, private institutions and the media are being questioned. However, a topic without ID from his living room publishes a video on social networks and suddenly we listen. Here we are faced with an old cliché of romanticism. Society is corrupting. So the truth is among the marginalized. That means today that the most radical ideas are the “truest”. Example, “The earth is flat.” “Bill Gates invented the corona virus in a laboratory.” “The queen in Elizabeth II is a reptile alien.” “The Illuminati control the world.”

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CNN publishes something and everyone questions it, but Anonymous publishes something and people believe it. What is anonymous? We are all. You are nobody. It is more of a symbol than an organization. Well, Anonymous is a network of hackers who engage in political activism through document leaks and cyber attacks. They use the Guy Fawkes mask, an obvious reference to Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta comic. The point is that Anonymous is not a formal organization with a leader and structure. It stands for anonymity and anyone can use this name. Is trustworthy? Everyone can make a video, put on the mask and filter wrong information. This information cannot be checked, nor can it be disassembled. It depends on the faith. And in this time after the truth, we prefer to trust a mask than a traditional institution. We trust everything that discredits the established.

The irony is that Donald Trump, the epitome of the Post-Truth hero, became President of the United States through a strange stroke of fate. So the truth is just his last tweet. The topic at the top of the system is the one that drives the rhetoric against the system and transforms everyday life into permanent chaos. Subjectivity is now official. Do you remember the topic that you discussed with your friend, the nuclear physicist? Well, now he is the president of the most powerful country in the world and the discussion is taking place on social networks.

There is another entanglement in this chaos of post truth. Social networks are not responsible for the content published by their users. However, they are directly and indirectly put under pressure by the authorities and the public. So they censor. They obviously have the power to censor, restrict, edit, and change content. And they do it. Especially to avoid “hate”. In itself, that’s not bad. The problem is the ambiguity of the concept. What is hate Is all negativity hate? Do you criticize hatred? Where’s the debate? And free speech?

Facebook deletes a lot of content every day. They assure that they are “hate speech”. They mainly do this with algorithms and artificial intelligence. However, they are particularly clumsy. A loud joke between friends can be removed, but the entire speech of an organization of racial rule is published. In practice, the situation is really absurd. For example. L.Cointelegraph’s live broadcast of the halving party was blocked by YouTube because it was rated as “malicious” content. You’re welcome! However, much more malicious videos are allowed than some bitcoiners who talk about halving.

And here we have to talk a little more about Donald Trump. Twitter claims to have violated the platform’s rules regarding the glorification of violence. He didn’t delete his tweet, but commented on the violation. It is also mentioned when Trump publishes something that contradicts the evidence (which is common). The pressure on Facebook fell, which openly published everything Trump published. In fact, the thing is really paradoxical. The official is wrong. The facts are ignored. Formal and professional media like Cointelegraph are blocked, but the know-it-all can unconditionally publish his conspiracy theories. A joke between friends is deleted. But no lies about the corona virus. How crazy is that

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The crypto community is also a victim of post truth. Our truth is above all. Everyone watches a documentary about Bitcoin on YouTube and feels empowered to argue with every Nobel Prize winner. In the crypto concept, private banks, central banks, governments and companies are idiots. It’s all part of an evil conspiracy. But the influencer (without training), who glorifies from the sofa of his house, knows all the secrets of the universe. And it will solve all the world’s economic problems quickly and easily. “Bitcoin fixes that”.

I’m afraid the world is more complicated. But not in the post-truth era obscurantism. Conspiracy today is what superstition was in the past. The perpetrators are no longer witches. The guilty are the hidden forces that work behind thugs to control the oppressed masses: “the system”. Influencing factors are the new clergy and conspiracy theory is the undisputed new belief. Every critic is a heretic and lackey of the blunt and evil system.