Ankr partners with Optimism to offer users a fast and reliable RPC service

anchor a company that provides one-click node provisioning and Web 3.0 infrastructure has announced that it will become a remote procedure call provider Optimism.

Optimism is an open source Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that focuses on the speed and efficiency of transactions on the network. It has attracted the attention of many over the past few months, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Ankr has helped many industry leaders like Solana and Avalanche by making their blockchains run faster, Enabling enhanced Web 3.0 experiences around the world. matthew slipper, Chief Engineer of OP Labs:

“The addition of Ankr as an infrastructure provider has helped meet the desires of our community members who want to build with robust and reliable services. Apps and integrations build on our ecosystem because they feel connected to our values ​​and appreciate the breadth of technical tools and options available.

Ankr partners with Optimism to offer users a fast and reliable RPC service
Ankr partners with Optimism to offer users a fast and reliable RPC service

This partnership will allow dApp developers from around the world to access Optimism’s premium and public RPCs. “We love what Optimism is building for the future of Ethereum. Ankr is excited to do our part to provide its users with a fast and reliable RPC service,” said Greg Gopman, Ankr Marketing Director.

Ankr also said it will encourage independent operators of Optimism nodes to add their nodes to the load balancer in exchange for ANKR tokens.

Already in November 2021, the co-founder and CEO of Ankr Network, Chandler Song wrote about multi-chain technology as a necessity for the future of DeFi products. On that occasion, he said that projects supporting multiple networks gain a larger audience and increase their liquidity:

“This means your DeFi product must support at least Ethereum and a “niche” blockchain: there are established leaders for trading, staking, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and more. Those you can interact with, the better .”

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