Áñez asks the resignation of all his ministers to prepare his candidacy for the next elections

Jeanine Áñez



The interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, has asked this Sunday for the resignation of all her ministers to prepare her candidacy for the next elections on May 3, since on the eve of the registration of candidates, “it is usual that produce adjustments in the government work team, “explained the Presidency.

Áñez asks the resignation of all his ministers to prepare his candidacy for the next elections
Áñez asks the resignation of all his ministers to prepare his candidacy for the next elections

Through a statement, the Ministry of the Presidency has explained that Áñez has made this decision to face in the best way “the new stage of democratic transition management”, and has promised that “he will complete or ratify his Government team in the shortest possible time to give continuity to the objectives set at the beginning of its management. ”

“The president agrees that her candidacy will not affect her intention to work for all Bolivians in any way seeking the peace and stability of Bolivia,” the text concluded.

The announcement of Áñez comes a few hours after the one who was Minister of Communication Roxana Lizárraga presented her resignation “irrevocable” considering that the decision of the interim president to stand for elections next May 3 when she repeatedly said that He would not do so, “he neglects the mandate of the Bolivian people,” putting “the Government at the service of a group of politicians and an extension project.”

“You cannot hide the fact that your Government has begun to incur the same evils of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) that we fought,” Lizárraga criticized through a letter in which he presented his resignation.

However, according to government sources to which the Bolivian newspaper 'La Razón' has cited, Lizárraga's decision was motivated by the “deteriorated” management of his Ministry and, therefore, “preferred” not to wait for the Áñez's decision.


The self-proclaimed Bolivian interim president, Jeanine Áñez, confirmed Friday her candidacy for the presidency of the country in the elections to be held on May 3. “Dear Bolivian family, I have made the decision to present myself as a candidate for the national elections. We have managed to build a great alliance because we want to continue with the work we have been doing,” he said.

The formula partner of Áñez will be the mayor of the capital of Bolivia, La Paz, Luis Revilla, who is running for vice president. Both attend the elections under the alliance 'Together', which is made up of the political groups, of Revilla, Social Democratic Movement, Todos y Unir.

“It was not in my plans, in recent weeks we have tried to build minimum consensus with the main forces and political actors, appealing to their greatness,” he explained.

Áñez has repeatedly denied his intention to stand for election. “In fact, no, no,” he said in an interview published by the Bolivian newspaper 'Página Siete'. “For now I am addressing the goal we set ourselves based on what the population wanted: to get out of an oppression of many years, to pacify and unite all Bolivians,” he argued on that occasion.


Evo Morales resigned on November 10 in the midst of a wave of protests after the Organization of American States (OAS) noted “irregularities” in the presidential elections on October 20 in which he obtained his re-election. That was when Áñez declared herself interim president before the power vacuum left by the former president and the high positions that were to happen to him.

More than 30 people have died and hundreds have been injured as a result of clashes between Morales supporters with security forces and other sectors. In recent weeks the situation has calmed down, although there are still protests.

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