Áñez announces that he tested positive for COVID-19

Interim President of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, announced this Thursday that she was tested positive for COVID-19 after two of her ministers, Jorge Fernando Oropeza and Yerko Núñez, developed the disease.

“We worked with my entire team all the time, and since two of them tested positive for coronavirus in the last week, I ran the test and I tested positive,” said Áñez in a video broadcast on his Twitter account .

The President confirmed that she felt “good” and “strong” and said that she would remain in quarantine “for about 14 days” until a new test is done. With this in mind, he has assured that he will continue to work “virtually” and would like to thank all Bolivians who are committed to combating the health crisis for their work. “Together we will make progress,” he concluded.

Áñez announces that he tested positive for COVID-19
Áñez announces that he tested positive for COVID-19

The positive of Oropeza, the Bolivian Minister of Mines, was revealed late last week, while Núñez, Minister of the Presidency, confirmed that he had signed COVID-19 days earlier.

Núñez’s positive result mobilized the entire government apparatus and all the people who were with him were subjected to an analysis. The presidency minister then reiterated that Áñez had not taken the risk of infection since there was no cabinet meeting. Then the area around the president reported that she was not infected.

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