André Tapia passed one of the most demanding exams in the country and that’s why the idea came up to create an app that would help others

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André Tapia passed one of the most demanding exams in the country and that’s why the idea came up to create an app that would help others
André Tapia passed one of the most demanding exams in the country and that’s why the idea came up to create an app that would help others

Dr. André Tapia as an aspiring ophthalmologistlooked for Carlos Roca, owner of Mellow Consulting; and he said, “I passed the National Prospective Medical Residency Exam (Enarm) very well! It’s one of the most challenging tests for doctors looking to enter a specialty. I was the eighth nationally. I have prepared in different ways and I think there is a great opportunity to develop an application to study and pass this exam. “

Of the 45,000 doctors who perform the enarm in Mexico each year, only 18% are licensed. and most of them have no way of being specialists. This is how the startup Reto Education was born, which developed the Reto Enarm app to study and pass the national examination for aspirants in medical residences (Enarm) using clinical cases, questionnaires, challenges and simulators.

André Tapia asked Mellow Consulting for an offer; and after a while Carlos Roca said to him: “We have done a lot of research and believe that this project has a bright future. Why don’t we do this business together? We run it and you take care of the entire medical part?

André trusted Carlos and so Reto Educación began in August 2015. Then they invited two more partners: Uri Torruco, infectologist with a master’s degree in health science education; and Alma Jurado, a surgeon with a masters degree in eHealth, which combines technology with health.

In August of that year, they launched the University Challenge to study for the admissions exams of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM), and National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). Less than 10% of 560,000 students attend these universities.

They are also working on the content of the MIR Challenge, a tool to prepare for and pass the MIR (Internal Resident Doctor), an exam in Spain to become a specialist in a field of medicine. And although these entrepreneurs want to specialize in the medical market, in April 2020 they presented the Stock Market Challenge for professionals in the banking and finance sector who need certifications from the Mexican Association of Banking Institutions (AMIB).

“Our main tool is Reto Enarm. We have more than 100,000 registered doctors. 40% of doctors in Mexico use this application. Because it’s better to pay 800 pesos for the app than buy a book of 1,000 pesos or more, “explains Carlos Roca, founder of Reto Education, in an interview for in Spanish.

The content of Reto Enarm is based on the structure of the National Examination for Prospective Medical Residences (Enarm). This is 30% pediatrics, 30% gynecology, 30% internal medicine and 10% all other specialties. It is also based on the experiences of the students with the best results over the years.

“We sell Reto Enarm directly to doctors and medical faculties so that they can make it available to their students. At Reto Bursatil, our customers are banks and financial institutions, ”he says.

Measures to combat COVID-19

Reto Education entrepreneur were selected by five accelerators from the following locations: University of Southern California, New York University, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Facebook and xEDU in Finland, where the government issued them a certification called Education Finland, which validates the Reto Education software for compliance with technological and pedagogical guidelines to be used as a learning tool.

“Due to the COVID-19 situation, we launched the platform to help the healthcare system identify cases and prevent needy patients from going to hospitals,” says the co-founder of Reto Education.

When a person is experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus, the first step is to write on Viives Facebook or WhatsApp messenger. and some chatbots lead you to ask questions in order to diagnose. If there are signs of the disease, a free video consultation will be held with the Reto Education medical team. If necessary, a doctor can come to you in Mexico City free of charge.

Image: Courtesy of Reto Education

Your strongest asset? Quality content

For them, the greatest lesson in success is definitely the excellent content that users study with. This is the strongest asset. Another thing that worked for them is being very active in finding customers, opportunities, accelerators, new contacts, etc.

The Reto Education partners have provided around 300,000 pesos for their first project. In January 2018, Orion Startups gave them specific advice and an investment of $ 30,000 in exchange for 3% of the company.

The challenge of education is in the area of ​​online education, especially self-study. The co-founders estimate that the market for their four applications: Reto Enarm, Reto MIR, Reto Bursátil and Reto Universidad is worth 250 million pesos a year. His goal this year is to hit 10 or 15% of that market.

“We want to be the largest platform for medical education in Latin America. Our goal for 2020 is to close with 30 clients between medical schools and banks, ”says Carlos.

The Reto Education team consists of 12 people. They all firmly believe that education is the best tool for future generations. “The founders are very clear about this and we were able to convey it to all employees very well. We will never forego educational quality in order to want to sell more. “

His best advice is to pay special attention to the partners, employees or suppliers you invite to join the company. “Sometimes we think if someone gives us a million pesos, we will solve things. But receiving money without caring so much about the person is the worst mistake we can make. ”

These entrepreneurs are optimistic in the face of adversity. They always hope the best is realistic. “It is good for the team that we are positive and calm in any complicated situation,” concludes Carlos Roca, co-founder of Reto Education.

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