Anchorage launches support for DeFi KEEP tokens

The administrator of cryptocurrencies Anchorage continues to expand its focus on decentralized finance (DeFi).Announcement of custody support for the Keep Network token.

KEEP Token-Power tBTC, an open source and trusted protocol that Allows creation of Ethereum tokens that represent Bitcoin (BTC) and are used to access DeFi-based protocols.

The protocol also facilitates the autonomous containerization of users’ private data When they participate in public channels, the privacy of DeFi users is strengthened.

Anchorage extends support for DeFi assets

Anchorage launches support for DeFi KEEP tokens
Anchorage launches support for DeFi KEEP tokens

In a conversation with Cointelegraph, the co-founder and president of Anchorage, Diogo Monica emphasized the need for custodians to adapt to new cryptocurrency trends“The increasing complexity of DeFi gradually shows shortcomings in offline storage management and in the manual handling of people.”

“The anchorage platform was designed to adapt to any blockchain use case without exposing clients to this kind of additional risk, “he added.

In April, Anchorage announced that it will support the Compound Governance Token (COMP) at launch.

The CEO of Keep, Matt Luongo expressed the company’s pride in working with the custodianand said, “With top-notch partners like Anchorage, We are able to build the bridge that brings the enormous amount of Bitcoin wealth to the DeFi ecosystem. “.

BTC tokens are multiplying

Keep raised $ 7.7 million on a token sale in early April sow the start of its trusted tBTC protocol later this month.

Keep starts when A growing number of projects are competing to become leaders in creating secured BTC tokens to advance DeFiPieDAO starts its BTC ++ pool and Rens VM, which was started last month.

However, The growth of these assets was not without controversywith an inherent security hole compared to the token standard used by Tokenlons in the BTC, which led to hacks against Uniswap and DForce in April.

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