Analysis of “HOW WE ARE”, a symbolized film about the performing arts

As Cointelegraph reported, a quarantine-inspired film about the performing arts was released earlier this week HOW ARE WE? It was processed and minted into a non-consumable token in the Ethereum blockchain. The project also minted another set of consumable HOW tokens and distributed them to filmmakers.

Labor rights are now controlled by the primary holder of the token, although mechanisms are in place to ensure that any change of ownership also rewards the WIE token holder. The total value of the first sale is distributed among taxpayers, with 10% of the value of a future sale occurring in the same way.

As a concept to tokenize art, to prove legitimacy and personal responsibility and to continuously reward original artists, it is an enticing vision of a blockchain-enabled potential future for the art world …

Analysis of “HOW WE ARE”, a symbolized film about the performing arts
Analysis of “HOW WE ARE”, a symbolized film about the performing arts

…butHOW ARE WE? Is it a good thing as art?

A heterogeneous mix of performing arts

The film consists of 15 separate clips for the performing arts, each of which is 90 seconds long. The individual artists developed and filmed a performance that was inspired by the quarantine conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since each piece was created individually, the styles vary greatly, from movement-oriented works to more abstract and esoteric representations of spoken words and signs.

We see artists squirming, dancing, getting excited and moving. One man lets a handful of glittering confetti blow in slow motion from the wind while another plays tennis against a wall while the background sound of the sirens is playing.

A woman drowns under a sea she made herself while another has a zoom call with multiple instances of herself in a secluded garden. Some leaves move while distorted children’s voices play in the background, and a clip is just a photo of a dozen dog.

Something for (almost) everyone

Performing arts can obviously be very divisive and certainly not for everyone. If you think it’s just an excuse for sophisticated pseudo-intellectuals to jump like idiots, here’s something to change your mind about.

However, if you are open to artistic expression, there is a lot to see here. While it’s a mix of style and quality, some interesting concepts are explored. In addition, each lasts only 90 seconds. If you don’t like a piece, you don’t have to wait long to get something completely different.

And of course, who could not benefit from looking at a dozing dog for a minute and a half?

While the rights to the artwork may remain on the blockchain, the 25-minute film is currently freely available for viewing online.

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