An online meeting is invited to discuss the Cryptoassets bill in Argentina

A virtual meeting about a Cryptoassets Law project in Argentina will take place on December 3rd at 6:30 p.m. (Argentine time).

The meeting will be organized by Decrypto and Alberto Vega, CEO of Bithan, and Efraín Barraza, Operations Manager of Athena Bitcoin in Argentina will be present. Both work together in writing the project. Interested parties can register here.

Especially The initiative is to debate the “Together for Change” project by Argentine MP Ignacio Torres, which has not yet been officially presented at the Argentine Nation’s Congress.

An online meeting is invited to discuss the Cryptoassets bill in Argentina
An online meeting is invited to discuss the Cryptoassets bill in Argentina

Cointelegraph en Español recently spoke to Barraza and Vega. Both noted that they were interested in having conversations and debates about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Argentinaso as not to descend and take into account that other countries are already discussing these issues.

Efraín Barraza stated: “We understand that in order for the ecosystem to grow, it cannot be outside the law.” And he emphasized the importance of users and investors having some protection.

On the other hand, Alberto Vega emphasized: “It is important to consider where Argentina stands and how we, as a pioneer country in the field of cryptography, can achieve advantages.”

Cointelegraph en Español also interviewed Deputy Torres, who emphasized, among other things, “Argentina’s crypto ecosystem is one of the most developed in the world, but unlike other markets, we have no active policy in this regard. It is for this reason that we have received concerns from the industry itself about creating a legal framework that favors a development program with greater investment and job creation. “

In addition, he noted: “The idea is that the same sector is part of the project development. That is why we already had an initial meeting that was attended by more than 35 representatives from pioneering companies in the region. During the meeting we exchanged points of view and organized an agenda to continue working on an article that does not impose restrictions that affect their work. We know that the word regulation has a negative connotation because it is associated with a “limiting” activity. On the contrary, it is about promoting safe and predictable development for users, intermediaries and suppliers. This is a trend that is occurring in many countries and it is inevitable that a legal framework will be proposed in Argentina in order for the cryptocurrency market to grow and be safe. “

Another project has already entered the Chamber of Deputies

At the congress of the nation of Argentina, the Frente de Todos (ruling party) has already presented a project – as reported by Cointelegraph in Spanish on November 12th – to regulate the operation of crypto currencies.

The project is located in file 6055-D-2020 and is entitled: “Comprehensive legal framework for civil and commercial transactions and the operation of crypto assets. Creation”.

This initiative is signed by MEPs María Liliana Schindt (Buenos Aires), Marcos Cleri (Santa Fe), Ramiro Gutiérrez (Buenos Aires), Alicia Aparicio (Buenos Aires), Susana Landriscini (Río Negro) and Danilo Flores (La Rioja). , Walberto Allende (San Juan), Lía Caliva (Salta), Liliana Yambrun (Buenos Aires), Mabel Caparros (Tierra del Fuego), Carlos Cisneros (Tucumán), Fernanda Vallejos (Buenos Aires), Ariel Rauschenberger (La Pampa), Nancy Sand ( Corrientes) and Blanca Osuna (Entre Ríos).

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