An official report rules out political bias in the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s campaign

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Horowitz warns of a total of 17 “basic and fundamental” errors in the request for judicial authorization of the investigation

The report presented Monday by the inspector general of the US Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, rules out a political bias in the investigation opened by the US federal police, the FBI, on the election campaign of President Donald Trump for the 2016 elections, but yes it recognizes up to 17 “errors” in the process. Thus, the report gives ammunition to both defenders and detractors of Trump.

An official report rules out political bias in the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s campaign
An official report rules out political bias in the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s campaign

“We have not found documentary or witness evidence that there is a biased or inappropriate political motivation that would influence the decision to open these four individual investigations,” explains the report on the processes open to George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Carter Page , all of them members of the Trump election campaign.

However, it indicates a total of 17 “basic and fundamental” errors and omissions in the initial application and the successive renewals presented before the Foreign Intelligence Investigation Court (FISA) that made the case seem more grounded than it really was. , according to Horowitz.

Specifically, he points to an FBI lawyer who altered an email addressed to another official body in which he maintains that Page “is not a source.” Page was actually an “operational contact” of another official body that is not cited in the report. The email was sent as part of the documentation to renew the authorization of the investigation.

After knowing the report, Trump himself has assured that he supports the existence of a political conspiracy against him, the opposite of the document. “It has been an attempt to overthrow, there are many people involved and they have been hunted,” he told reporters from the White House. For Trump, it is proven that the FBI “fabricated evidence” and “lied to the courts.”

The FBI director, Christopher Wray, has expressed his adherence to Horowitz's conclusions, while Attorney General William Barr, one of the closest voices to Trump, has said that “it reflects a clear abuse of the FISA process.” “It makes clear that the FBI has launched an intrusive investigation against a presidential campaign for the slightest suspicion,” he said.

The Horowitz report is the result of an almost two-year investigation focused on the actions of the FBI and its request for a court order to authorize the listening to Page, former Trump campaign advisor, in the framework of the investigation of possible Russian interference in the election campaign that led Trump to the White House.

The investigation, initiated in the summer of 2016, before Trump won the election, was assumed in May 2017 by former FBI director Robert Mueller, after Trump dismissed James Comey at the head of the agency. Mueller's investigation after 22 months of research confirms a Russian propaganda and hacking campaign to encourage discord, harm Hillary Clinton and improve Trump's position.

Mueller also documents numerous contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow, but believes that there is insufficient evidence to prove a criminal conspiracy. Trump considers this investigation a “witch hunt,” while the Democratic opposition reproaches him for discrediting a legitimate investigation.

For Horowitz, the FBI's judicial investigation request is based primarily on data provided by British ex-spy Christopher Steele, with whom he had previously collaborated, the report highlights. However, he did not comply with his own protocols for verifying the information provided by Steele or pressuring him to know who was financing him.

Steele obtained his information from a research company funded by the Democratic Party, which, according to Trump's environment, should have been included in the request for judicial authorization of the investigation.

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