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An official Chinese newspaper accuses Apple of encouraging Hong Kong protests with a transport app

October 9, 2019

BEIJING, Oct. 9 (DPA / EP) –

The official Chinese newspaper 'El Diario del Pueblo' has accused the American company Apple on Wednesday of collaborating with protesters protesting in Hong Kong through a mobile phone transport application.

“This mobile app aims to provide information about transportation for the benefit of the public, but in fact it is used to inform about the position of the Police, allowing rioters in Hong Kong to commit acts of violence,” said the Chinese state newspaper.

“Apple's approval obviously helps rioters,” added the newspaper, which has questioned the company's true intentions with this mobile application. The article also criticizes the presence on the Apple Music store platform of a song that defends the independence of Hong Kong from China.

“Nobody wants to drag Apple to the turmoil that persists in Hong Kong,” said The People's Daily, before pointing out that citizens have reason to “assume that Apple is mixing business with politics and even illegal actions.” The publication has urged the tech giant to “think about the consequences of its reckless and reckless decision.”

Meanwhile, several US congressmen have criticized certain American companies, such as the NBA, which manages the American basketball league, or video game producer Blizzard Entertainment, for considering that they are giving in to China's pressures against freedom of pressure to win presence in the Chinese market.