An initiative that connects hospitals with high-quality providers of medical devices

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An initiative that connects hospitals with high-quality providers of medical devices
An initiative that connects hospitals with high-quality providers of medical devices

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a lack of medical care used by health workers to combat the health crisis. Given the global contingency, a project called MéxicoN95 was created, a website where hospitals can report missing medical devices.

The initiative was created in early April by a group of Mexican alumni from MIT who wanted to help as much as possible with their knowledge and experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the coronavirus crisis, they found that First World countries such as Spain and the United States, particularly the United States, had a severe lack of medical care N95 masksSo they realized that the same thing would happen in Mexico.

The main goal of the project is to identify providers of medical devices such as face masks, robes, gloves and respirators and to connect them to hospitals and healthcare workers affected by the coronavirus crisis in Mexico. Hence the idea of ​​setting up a technological platform on which the deficiency can be remedied. On the one hand it is necessary to contact the suppliers or donors of N95 masks and masks and on the other hand to be in direct communication with the doctors to determine where the protective material is needed and to ensure that it is in the Hands of workers. fastest possible.

“It is important to mention that once this project took shape and size, we connected with healthcare professionals, doctors and biomedical engineers who are the specialists to confirm that the quality is reasonable, to save lives and care for them doctors and health professionals from Mexico, ”said Sergio Hinojosa, co-founder of MexicoN95.

Free webinars

In addition to all the help that was provided with donationsFree webinars for doctors were organized in which they were supported in three aspects. Primarily in the event that you are in a complicated situation related to your labor rights. You will also be trained to identify the material and its quality to protect yourself. Finally emotional support because they are dealing with very difficult times.

More than 1,200 doctors took part in the webinars, for whom they believe that this has helped them a lot in the qualitative and emotional part of the support.

“We have received more than 1,100 inquiries or inquiries on our technological platform, of which we have 850 inquiries directly from hospital doctors that we have resolved. This corresponds to more than 8 million units of medical protective material. We have managed to consolidate more than 8 million pesos in donations that have helped provide medical protection to hospitals, ”said Sergio.

The main purpose of this movement is to care for doctors like the MéxicoN95 civil society, who want to be the safe channel for donations and want to work with them on the emotional side to deal with this pandemic.

“The medical material with the greatest deficiency worldwide is the N95 masks due to the complexity of the manufacture and the quality controls required,” says Sergio.

As a team of young Mexican entrepreneurs, they used all the skills that enabled them to assemble the platform in a very agile manner, to start up, to stabilize operations and to automate all the back office processes that are required for operations, at around 500 Suppliers. that they connected through the website. They have a database of more than 1,300 doctors with whom they are connected to various hospitals in order to manage all of these operations as automatically as possible and to have this number of volunteers and assistants.

“As a civil society, we focus more on public hospitals, IMSS and ISSSTE. Today, we have found that there is great demand in more than 20 states and cities in Tijuana, as the number of cases to hospitals in Cancún was very high,” says Hebt Sergio emerged.

Technology and innovation

The analysis part is a point that distinguishes themThe team dealing with big data has created a database in which the number of COVID-19 cases is recorded locally. It then creates projections that may map communities with more than 5,000 hospitals and clinics in Mexico. Based on the projection of 15-day cases, they found which communities were most affected by the pandemic. Then they agree with the doctors who contact them in these areas to promote donations or to help them receive material with fair prices and quality, or if they had not contacted them they would make an agreement to donate to direct the hospitals without material. In total, more than 40 IMSS and ISSSTE hospitals and even some regional clinics are occupied.

As part of a media and social media strategy, MéxicoN95 was looking for four person profiles to join this important initiative. First and foremost to doctors, so that they can be supported both morally and with the necessary and high-quality material with which they can carry out their daily work without risk of infection. Second, providers play an important role in providing the necessary materials for health workers. Third, donors can choose to make masks from home or donate products so that MéxicoN95 can help them bring these donations to doctors. Finally, the sales or logistics partners so that the materials arrive on time.

“The biggest challenge was first the emotional part and then the operative part. On the one hand it was difficult to hear the emotional part directly from the doctors, what they experience, the lack of material protection, how their colleagues get sick. It is difficult for them not feeling that Mexican society is behind them, but there is also a positive counterpart that was very motivating for the MéxicoN95 team, firstly when we see companies and people who are personal and anonymous when we are Delivering donations to the doctors or when we organize the webinars for work, emotional support, etc., it has been incredible energy to see how they feel that Mexican society is joining forces to support and motivate them to continue with this crisis, really strong stories are heard among the events in hospitals, “says Sergio.

“The biggest challenge is to make safe and direct donations to the doctors,” Sergio emphasizes.

To ensure that donations go to hospitals or clinics, the MéxicoN95 team, who has experience with digital onboarding or identity validation in online processes, carried out a 100% virtual process in which doctors can share their data from their professional ID and ID His photo confirms his identity and confirms the hospital he tells them. Through a process in which deliveries are coordinated directly to the hospital and WhatsApp is notified that its delivery is on its way. This development enables them to automate the entire imperative, so they no longer need people to perform this validation information and the identity of the doctors. It also helps them to have WhatsApp contact at the doctor level to warn that the material is on the go, and at the same time, if there is a problem in logistics, immediately inform the doctor and it can be solved.

The technology with which the logistics and distribution of donations is carried out is innovative, thus guaranteeing a safe and fully coordinated delivery to the people who are to receive such materials, and also ensuring what doctors need to travel directly through communication.

Image: MéxicoN95 via Instagram

“It is a procedure that has been used by around 800 doctors and has worked quite well for us. We have brought technology and innovation to the world of donations, ”says Sergio.

Within the list of allies are Mastercard, Grupo Modelo, Ponte la Verde, Siemens, Grupo MéxicoAmong other things, they donated medical devices.

“Without consideration COVID-19This crisis has shown that, as a Mexican society, we must continue to take care of our doctors, whether due to the lack of equipment or supplies to do their jobs, the lack of protection of their labor rights or emotional support due to stress, hours of work without stopping and without sleeping causes a significant emotional surplus, as a MéxicoN95 civil association, we will continue after the pandemic of COVID-19 With the goal of caring for health professionals in Mexico, especially in these three years, they do not lack the material and education, emotional support, support in labor and medical law that is required, “added Sergio.

We can conclude that many positive actions can be taken if we stay together but respect the healthy distance, on the initiative of projects like MéxicoN95, which are very supportive for medical and health personnel.

Image: MéxicoN95 via Twitter

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