An Informative Analysis of Trendit


Trendit is a social media platform that will allow users to keep up with the latest social trends, events and challenges. Users of Trendit can express themselves by creating their own viral content. Trendit combines social media interactions with cryptocurrency by allowing users to earn cryptocurrency rewards for interacting with peers in the social space.

The platform also aims to unite “trend setters” (registered users of the platform) with “trend getters” (clients looking to use our data analytics services) allowing them to make smarter decisions by utilizing the data available on our platform.


  1. The users who spend a large chunk of time curating their social media profiles do not earn any rewards although the current platforms profit massively. Though most have accepted this, we believe in giving power back to the people.
  2. Social media platforms are filled with tremendous amounts of data, however, it is difficult to analyze this data effectively in order to be used by businesses.
  3. Monthly Active Users are also becoming very difficult to maintain on a platform since this requires users to stay active and regularly contribute to the platform.


  1. Trendit will use an autonomous, decentralized and trustless smart contract system to handle payments on the platform. Half of the earnings from these payments will be paid to the users of the platform providing incentive to continue to use and build popular social media profiles. An initial supply of TND will be used to pay our users until the platform becomes profitable; from this point on, the users will earn both TND and ETH in payments.
  2. Trendit will be built from the ground up to focus on how data will be labeled, parsed and analyzed. AI will be used to quickly analyze, sort and categorize relevant data for clients. For example, a clothing company looking to introduce a new jacket will be able to quickly look up trend data related to the most popular worn jacket by our users.
  3. Users will be rewarded with cryptocurrency for their activity on the Trendit Platform. The more active they are, the higher the rewards.

Social Networking Landscape

We are not directly competing with any current social-crypto platforms but rather offering a different niche within the social network domain.

Use Cases

An Informative Analysis of Trendit
An Informative Analysis of Trendit

Trendit will be a platform for everyone, designed to give power back to the people. Here are some examples of how Trendit applies to different scenarios.


Trend setters can design a new style of clothing which will be made popular with the number of followers they have. The followers in turn can become trend getters sporting similar clothing in their posts. This will be used to find the most trending fashion items.


The user can post pictures or videos showcasing a new fitness regimen. This can be made popular as more people follow and post their fitness progress on the challenge, increasing the rewards for the creator. The challenge creator can even use this to promote merchandise or a personal gym. A third party can also create merchandise depending on the popularity of the trend.

Sports Industry

Sports teams can spread the word on new merchandise through Trendit posts. As more users promote the content on the platform, the more popular the team or their events become.

Financial Aid

Charities can post content like the ALS ice bucket challenge to seek donations for raising awareness. The cause will get traction as people participate in the challenge and help raise funds through Trendit’s reward system.


Users posting movie related content can help provide publicity for the movie. Both users and the movie can benefit from the increased popularity, as the users earn increased rewards and the movie gets promoted.

Market Validation

Content creators can promote their ideas and use the amount of pledges earned as raw data to determine the level of interest. This will be a strong tool for market validation on the Trendit platform.

And more…

In addition to these use cases, Trendit will have various potential applications that will be integrated to the platform as the user base grows. The platform will continue to grow based on the direct feedback from our community.

Final Comments

We want Trendit to be a simple, easy to use platform. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or blogger; anyone can create viral content and be rewarded.

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