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An error in WhatsApp can filter your number in the Google search engine

June 9, 2020

This could pose a risk to thousands of users of the application worldwide.

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An error in WhatsApp can filter your number in the Google search engineAn error in WhatsApp can filter your number in the Google search engine

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The security specialist, Athul Jayaram, from India, discovered that due to a failure in WhatsApp has published almost 300,000 phone numbers in the Google search engine. Among others, users from the USA, India, Great Britain and Spain were affected.

Athul explains in his blog that the bug stems from the functionality of the “Click to Chat” application, which You can chat with someone without having to add contact to your phone. If someone who hasn’t added you knows your WhatsApp number, they may be able to create a link to speak to you.

At the time of starting a conversation this way, the chat is not encrypted and therefore Nothing prevents Google from reading it and revealing the phone number.

If this link is shared somewhere, your telephone number is therefore also visible in plain text. For example, if you share this link with a friend on Twitter to communicate with you via WhatsApp, your number will be displayed in plain text at this URL, and anyone who uses the URL can know it and cannot revoke it, ”says Athul on his Page. .

On the other hand, the name or profile picture of the user of the app is not shown in Google’s search results. However, if your profile picture is public, anyone can see it.

How to tell if your number is on google

To find a number in the search engine, you need to write: Page:, In this way, thousands of contacts are made by real people from almost all over the world. It is also possible to find a specific country number by placing the status prefix in quotation marks after the previous code. For example, Page: “+1”. Add the first three digits of your phone to find out if yours is public.

The risks

According to Athul Jayaram lThe numbers published on Google can be the target of fraud attempts.

“Unknown people can send you messages. Perhaps it is marketing managers, cyber criminals or fraudsters who are attacking you. Depending on your WhatsApp privacy settings, you may already have your profile picture, name and status if the settings are public. Since they have their phone number, they can make text messages and calls, ”explains Jayaram.