An engineer released by Microsoft was sentenced to 9 years in prison

He stole Microsoft’s $ 10 million worth of digital currency and tried to blame his counterparts.

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An engineer released by Microsoft was sentenced to 9 years in prison
An engineer released by Microsoft was sentenced to 9 years in prison

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A former Microsoft employee was sentenced to nine years in prison for 18 federal crimes after discovering that he stole more than $ 10 million in digital currency from his employer.

The man in question is Volodymyr Kvashuk, a software engineer who first worked as a contractor in Microsoft before becoming an employee. You were hired to test Microsoft’s online retail platform but decided to take advantage of it. He went on to steal Currency Storage Value (CSV) from the platform in the form of digital gift cards.

Kvashuk then resold the currency on the internet and a bitcoin shuffling service was used to hide the origin of the money entering his bank. Kvashuk even used test email accounts from other Microsoft employees to hide his fraudulent activity.

This wasn’t a small scam as the stolen funds ultimately had more than $ 10 million in digital value. Within seven months, he deposited $ 2.8 million in Bitcoin in his bank account and bought a lakefront home for $ 1.6 million and a Tesla electric vehicle for $ 160,000. A fake tax return was also filed claiming the bitcoin was a gift from a relative.

Kvashuk was with Microsoft from August 2016 to June 2018 when he was fired. according to GeekWireMicrosoft investigated what happened and confronted Kvashuk in May 2018. In February of that year, the Justice Department reported that he was “convicted by a jury of five wire fraud, six money laundering and two money laundering cases for aggravated identity theft two cases, filing false tax returns and one for email fraud, access to device fraud, and access to a protected computer to encourage fraud. “

“Stealing from your employer is bad enough, but stealing and making it look like your colleagues are to blame increases the damage beyond dollars and cents,” said US attorney Moran. “This case required sophisticated technological skills to investigate and prosecute. I am pleased that our law enforcement partners and the US attorney general have the skills to bring these criminals to justice.”

In the verdict to the court, prosecutors said, “Kvashuk used the proceeds to lead the life of a millionaire, drive a $ 160,000 car and live in a $ 1.6 million waterfront home. Kvashuks Plan It involved lies and deceit at every turn. Colleagues in the line of fire used their test accounts to steal CSV. Instead of taking responsibility, he testified, telling a series of outrageous lies. There is no sign that Kvashuk has remorse or Regrets her crimes. “

Kvashuk is a Ukrainian citizen and lives in Renton, Washington. In addition to the nine years in prison, he had to pay $ 8,344,586 in restitution. There is also a good chance that once you are released from prison you will be deported.

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