An early Bitcoin miner calls Craig Wright a scam about “his” addresses

A message signed by 145 Bitcoin (BTC) purses that were mined in his early years calls Craig Wright a “liar and a fraud”..

The message was released on May 25 with a list of 145 addresses and the corresponding signatures. This seems to show that the addresses actually belong to the person who is spreading the message.. This says:

Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a cheater. You don’t have the keys to sign this message. The Lightning Network is a significant achievement. However, we must continue to work to improve the chain’s capacity. Unfortunately, the solution is not just to change a constant in the code or to enable high-performing participants to force others. “

Especially, Cointelegraph was able to verify that at least some of the addresses on Craig Wright’s list had thousands of items in the case against Ira Kleiman.

An early Bitcoin miner calls Craig Wright a scam about “his” addresses
An early Bitcoin miner calls Craig Wright a scam about “his” addresses

Wright has repeatedly failed to provide evidence of ownership of Satoshi Nakamoto’s alleged assets.which has probably mined over a million BTC.

An easy way to do this is to sign a message with the private crypto key of the wallet in question, which can be checked with the public key.

Accepted Wright tried to evade every time he was forced to finally prove ownership of what he believed to be his property.Many in the community doubt that it is the owner of these bitcoins and that it is therefore Satoshi Nakamoto.

Is this a message from Satoshi?

The signed message bears some resemblance to a 2015 message from Satoshi’s email addresswho says “I’m not Craig Wright. We are all Satoshi.”

While the first part of the new statement takes up the same concept, The news expresses an opinion on the debates that devastated Bitcoin before Bitcoin Cash (BCH) became its own chain.

The blocks mined by this unknown lie outside the Patoshi pattern. This is the basis for the claim that Satoshi has mined over 1 million BTC. However, There is no absolute certainty as to which blocks are from Satoshi and which are not. It is likely that the likeness pays homage to Satoshi’s alleged message.

The early Bitcoin Miner appears to have an intermediate position between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. While praising the Lightning Network, he also advocates more skills in the chain. However, they do not believe that enlarging the block or “changing a constant in the code” is the solution.

This is the second time in less than a week that an early miner suddenly showed activity.

What about Wright now?

The Kleiman case is based solely on the assumption that Wright is Satoshi, which would entitle Ira Kleiman to half of these bitcoins.

Wright has already been charged with perjury and falsification of documentsand the activity of the first miners put him in a difficult situation to continue to claim that he was Satoshi.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Wright has no access to these coins.This would overturn the long case that will be heard on July 6th.

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