An accident almost broke his spine; Today the company has already billed 30 million pesos

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An accident almost broke his spine; Today the company has already billed 30 million pesos
An accident almost broke his spine; Today the company has already billed 30 million pesos

By Roberto Castro Huerta

The mountains of Vail, Colorado, were the scene of the traumatic accident that changed Julieta Silva’s life in 2013. A shocking fall while skiing brought her to an operating room as an emergency, where she was assessed and found that one of her vertebrae had broken into four parts.. After waiting five hours to leave the hospital and return to Guadalajara, her aunt noticed a bloodstain on her back. They notified the doctors and immediately took them to the emergency surgery.

The problem was that one of the cartilages that were used after the fall was infected with a mutation of bacteria that had contracted in the laboratory and could not be detected during the injection of antibiotics in the hospitall. When the antibiotic dose was reduced, the infection started to show. Fortunately, it did not reach the bone marrow, but surgery was urgently needed.

When I was on my way to the operating room, the surgeon told me that there was a 50% chance of living and walking again. I turned and saw my mother think that my plans to host a triathlon this year were suddenly transformed into the hope of seeing my father and brothers again and telling them that I loved them. Everything happened very quickly, but at that moment I realized what was going on. Saying goodbye to my mother was the most difficult moment in my life, ”Julieta recalls.

“”When I woke up, it took me 30 minutes to respond and understand that the operation was successful.. A nurse came up to me and told me that everything went very well and I needed to rest, ”says the businesswoman.

Six months passed before Julieta could finish her recovery in Denver and return to her life in Guadalajara. Continue his career as an accountant at Tec de Monterrey and start his rehabilitation. From an unexpected moment, Julia’s life was put on hold and she could rate her life as a second chance that would later catapult her into a successful business.

Today, Julieta is a Mexican businesswoman who has been consolidating a women’s nutritional supplement company called Fit Body Co. since 2017. Through a digital marketing strategy, Julieta found a good opportunity to stay at home while working, but also with the challenge of taking care of your health during the current detention that millions of people have led to.

Fit Body Co.

Image: Courtesy of Fit Body Co.

Fit Body Co had sales of 30 million pesos in 2019. The company currently has 50 employees (direct and indirect). The next launch of a technological service is expected to solidify one of its goals this year, despite the pandemic.

Can all of this be achieved by selling only groceries? The businesswoman also encourages her customers to live healthier and more balanced lives through monthly challenges.

Step by step, but with discipline

Julieta’s first months in Guadalajara were difficult after the accident. Her friends and classmates from university had continued their lives and many of the things that had stopped Julia no longer worked. Knowing that she had a second chance in life while stopping for six months and being in a place that was not her home was more than a lesson, a challenge to resume her life. But she knew she would do it day after day one step at a time.

“When I returned to Guadalajara, I didn’t want to dismiss sport as part of my life. I knew the odds were against me, but I had to set the first goal to be healthy and then put twice as much effort into practice. I didn’t want to be in bed in my 50s. It was when I discovered swimming as part of my therapy and my first lessons in discipline and tenacity“Says Silva.” “I didn’t like to swim, it hit me, but if it was the only thing I could do to strengthen the muscles of my back, I definitely wouldn’t be a very good swimmer. My logic made me think that I had to improve my distance every day as this is the only way to get good. “

As part of her goals, Julieta searched for nutrition certificates, including health coaching, sports nutrition, herbalism and training design. Somehow it should be a habit to combine good nutrition and exercise every day. But how can you manage your time under these new goals and advance the six months you’ve spent in Denver to resume life? Prioritize your slopes.

Fit Body Co.

Julieta read a book she really liked Swallow the toad by Brian Tercy. According to the author, If the first thing a person has to do every morning is swallowing a toad, then they have the satisfaction of knowing that this is probably the worst thing they will do all day. So Julieta would manage a new routine every day and find the way to her goals.

Reinvent yourself

Julia read during school The cash flow quadrant Robert Kiyosaki, who left his mark to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

Julieta’s first project was to set up an online clothing store. In a short period of time the income was much less than the investment and communication with the suppliers was interrupted over time, so it had to be closed in the first months of work.

At that time, Julieta was looking for a formula that would tighten her muscles and meet protein needs, but there wasn’t what she needed. Most of the proteins on the market focus on increasing muscle mass or developing an athletic body, and it wasn’t what she was looking for. In this way, he started with all the lessons, disciplines and nutrition certificates he had acquired Fit Body Co., a supplement designed exclusively for women.

According to the nutritional information, the Fit Body Protein is thermogenic, ie it increases the body temperature, which burns fat during training. This effect can of course be found in green tea and coffee.

In recent years, the company has developed into a comprehensive program for women with exercise routines and challenges.

Photo: Courtesy of Body Fit Co.

The lesson to face a crisis

This year the pandemic has changed lives around the world. Confinement records endless data and lessons in all sectors. It was nothing new for Julieta to stop her life and she knew how to act when the hygiene measures were announced, but for many people it was not.

“We knew the background of China and didn’t know how to prepare. People could do more to prevent themselves, and it wasn’t until March that they started to act,” said Julieta.

In her experience, the Mexican businesswoman has found an infallible formula to deal with every crisis, be it a pandemic or negative comments. Alleged testimonies from people who say that the product does not work for them, has hurt them or even questioned its quality can be found on social networks. Julieta affirms that her product has been approved by Cofepris and comments against it Trained body They are false certificates that damage the company’s image. However, he claims to have taken legal action against those involved.

A balance between mentality, discipline and results is required. First you have to think about a goal, to design and work for it (discipline) as if (mentality). Finally, understand that the process cannot be measured without progress (results). If you’re not working to get a particular result, you probably haven’t done it efficiently“Says the businesswoman.

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