AMLO congratulates Joe Biden after the United States Electoral College recognizes his triumph

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After more than a month of uncertainty, the United States Electoral College recognized the triumph of Joe Biden in the presidential election. This Monday, the 538 electoral college members met in state chambers across the country to cast their votes, with the Democrat winning.

AMLO congratulates Joe Biden after the United States Electoral College recognizes his triumph
AMLO congratulates Joe Biden after the United States Electoral College recognizes his triumph

After confirming your victory, Joe Biden gave a speech with the words:

“If someone didn’t know before, he knows now. What beats deep in the hearts of Americans is this: Democracy. The right to be heard, to have your vote counted, to choose the leaders of this nation, to rule ourselves “said the Democrat.

“In the United States, politicians don’t take power, people give them power. The flame of democracy was kindled in this nation a long time ago. And now we know that nothing, not even a pandemic or the abuse of power, can put out that flame. “added Biden.

It should be remembered United States electoral system It’s very different from the Mexican. Americans do not directly elect their president, but rather a group of people (the voters) who pledge to vote in the electoral college for the candidate who won the right to vote in their state. In this case by Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

After the voting is completed, the votes of the voters are sent to the archivist and passed on by the archivist to Congress, where they will be counted in the first week of January. Once the count is complete, the country’s vice president, serving as president of the Senate, is responsible for announcing the winner and the next president of the United States.

The recent elections were particularly controversial as current President Donald Trump called for closer scrutiny of citizens’ votes and pressured lawmakers in key states not to support popularly elected voters.

Monday afternoon, December 14th Michigan It was the last of the disputed states to cast its votes for Joe Biden. In order to, The Democrat won with 306 out of 538 voters, compared to 232 for Trumpand took a step closer to the White House.

Still, President Trump refuses to acknowledge the defeat, backed by a large number of Republican lawmakers who support his Trump fraud allegations. According to polls, only one in four Republican voters accepts the election result as valid. There is speculation that Trump could question the Jan. 6 result if Congress officially confirms the electoral college recount.

López Obrador congratulated Joe Biden on his victory

On the same Monday evening, after the announcement of the Electoral College, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a letter to the now elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, congratulate him on the triumph. According to the Mexican Foreign Ministry, the letter has already been received from the Biden.

“Dear Mr. Biden, I am writing this text to congratulate you on the triumph that the people have given you and that the US electoral authorities have approved.”, begin the letter. He also reminded him that they had met almost nine years ago and has been speaking ever since “The ideal of transforming Mexico and the purpose of banishing political corruption, the main cause of the painful inequality and violence we suffer”.

In the letter, Lopez Obrador emphasizes the Connections between Mexico and the United States. “For this reason, those in power must endeavor to maintain good bilateral relations based on cooperation, friendship and respect for our sovereignty.”he clarifies.

The President of Mexico also told Biden that he would be safe during his tenure “It will be possible to continue to apply the basic principles of foreign policy laid down in our constitution. in particular that of non-interference and self-determination of the peoples “.

The letter ends with the acknowledgment of Biden’s position in favor of migrantsin the hope that there will soon be “an opportunity for these and other matters” before he repeats his congratulations and wishes him luck.

Following the announcement by the President in his morning conference, the Chancellor has Marcelo Ebrard shared in his account Twitter the letter to Joe Biden.

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