Ametic celebrates the 34th edition of “Digitization and sustainability for reconstruction now or never”

Under the motto “Digitization and Sustainability for Reconstruction, now or never”, Ametic, the employers’ association representing the digital technology industry in Spain, will hold the 34th meeting of the digital economy and telecommunications as of September 2nd, 3rd and 4th .

Technology and digitization will be of crucial importance in the short, medium and long term for the social and economic reconstruction after COVID-19. During the meeting a comprehensive analysis of the current and future situation of the sector will be given. A meeting that will be attended by more than 110 national and international speakers will address all issues affecting the sector and their implications for reconstruction.

In this sense, the President of Ametic, Pedro Mier, has noted on several occasions that the association is “completely convinced” that digitization and sustainability will be the two elements that will characterize the development of the economy in the coming months and ” the pillars of the country’s reconstruction “.

Ametic celebrates the 34th edition of “Digitization and sustainability for reconstruction now or never”
Ametic celebrates the 34th edition of “Digitization and sustainability for reconstruction now or never”

The conferences were organized as a novelty with Banco Santander and with the support of Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP). This year they will be an event with multiple locations and presence from Santander, Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. A hybrid format with presentations, debates and lectures that will delight participants. And an opportunity for networking between the highest representatives of the sector at economic, political, academic and administrative levels at national and international levels.

The technology company for communication infrastructures, Televés Corporación, is sharing the space with companies such as Google, Amazon, Samsung, LG, Tinámica and other top international technology “players”.

José Luis Fernández Carnero, Director General for Strategy of Televés Corporación, will be attending the “Post-COVID Security in Smart Cities” session on September 2nd, along with other high-level speakers.

Also known in networks as # santander34 due to its tradition of partying at Menéndez Pelayo International University in this city, this event looks at digitization and sustainability for reconstruction from different angles.

Promotion of digitization in society

For Ametic, it is now time to drive the digitalization of society, industry and economy sustainably and sustainably, which guarantees the welfare state and the future of the next generations. During the meeting, leaders of the private and public sectors will openly discuss the role digitization and sustainability will play in shaping the country that everyone wants.

In addition to these issues, the role of business associations in social reconstruction will also be discussed. the need for a new social contract; the Spanish citizen, owner of his health and giver of knowledge; The digitization of SMEs could not be missing either; the cloud for the digitization of institutions, citizens and companies; and other technological trends such as quantum computers, Industry 4.0, AI, blockchain or smart agro among others.

The main public and private actors will take part in the event

The meeting will bring together for another year the main public and private players in the digital technology sector who contribute most to job creation and wealth creation, and discuss the necessary short, medium and long term strategies and plans for economic, industrial and social reconstruction expected at the national level.

The session on the 2nd will culminate with a gala cocktail at Casino de Madrid, where the award will be presented to the Outstanding Company of the Year.

Edition 2020

The scenario brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the association to rethink the format of the conferences that it organizes jointly with Banco Santander as part of the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) summer courses, relevant to digital broadcasting, which Ametic wanted to promote even before this situation.

In connection with digitization and sustainability in reconstruction, among other things, the progress of the four tractor macro projects for industrial and economic reconstruction in Spain will be presented and the effects of COVID-19 on various ecosystems will be discussed: mobility, smart areas, health and agriculture. .

In addition, as a novelty this year, the meeting will be attended by the highest level officials of the municipalities who will speak about their plans to rebuild the digital industry, as well as other associations from different sectors who will discuss the role they should play in rebuilding.

With regard to the development of 5G, the challenges and opportunities that this technology is facing in the digital transformation process are analyzed. At the center of the debate are all supporting technologies such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, cloud computing, quantum computing, etc.

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