American superfans jet in for a taste of Meghan and Harry’s big day

Deaver estimates the trip will cost between $3,000 and $4,000, including souvenirs.

Indeed, the royal wedding is big business for London shops, where retailers in the popular West End shopping district predict a windfall of around $80 million thanks to the nuptials.

Brooklyn-based Mexican-American stand-up comedian Veronica Garza has brought an extra bag to fit all the souvenirs she plans to buy. One thing on her list is a plate with Harry and Markle’s faces to give to her mother — a fellow fan who gave her the royal bug when she was a child.

American superfans jet in for a taste of Meghan and Harry’s big day
American superfans jet in for a taste of Meghan and Harry’s big day

“I like Harry a lot. He’s was just this unattractive little thing and he grew up to be hot. And he got Meghan Markle, who is beautiful. It’s just very 2018 and progressive,” said Garza, 34, who said she convinced her girlfriend, Leslie Knott, to make the big trip with her.

Image: Royal Superfans
Veronica Garza, left, and her girlfriend Leslie Knott pose outside Buckingham Palace. Susannah Ireland / for NBC News

“I’ve always been a fan, because its something [Americans] don’t have,” she added. “But now, I’m invested, I’m part of this. We’re here, we’re going, it’s like I have a stake in it.”

Markle’s background gave royal fan Elizabeth Mahon an extra push to fly over from New York.

Describing herself as multiracial, Mahon said she wanted to be in Windsor to witness a fellow multiracial woman marrying into Britain’s royal family.

Harry and Markle’s marriage gives little girls of color the chance to believe “they too can be a princess,” said the 53-year-old author of “Scandalous Women,” a book about history’s most notorious women.

Image: Royal Superfans
“There’s something about her that just seems so effortless. And genuine,” Elizabeth Mahon said of Meghan Markle. Susannah Ireland / for NBC News

“The fact that she’s biracial, it’s just fantastic that the royal family is being open and accepting of that,” said Mahon, who met with NBC News on Thursday outside Buckingham Palace along with other American fans of the royals. “That’s the thing that to me is really so special, that she’s so proud of being biracial.”

There’s an enduring fascination with the House of Windsor in the U.S., with the media covering their every move almost as closely as the British media.

Eager fans follow blogs about the ins and outs of royal private lives as well as what they wear.

Many royal watchers have formed a community around their fandom.

Deaver, the Texan visiting London with her mother, plans to meet up with friends she’s made on Twitter while she’s in England.

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