Amazon presents its “meditation booth” for stressed employees and in networks they react with hate and memes

Given the numerous complaints that accuse Amazon Abuse and labor exploitation, the company Jeff Bezos presented his “Meditation cabin”. It’s a space called Amazons or Zenbooth, designed so that stressed employees they can take a while and so on Improve your mental health. But the move unleashed Internet users’ angerwho reacted immediately as they know best: with a shower from Hatred and memes.

May 17th Amazon announced the program Work wellwhose goal is to make your employees familiar with a combination of. feel better “Physical and mental activities”, as well as “Wellness Exercises”. Part of it is that ‘Mindful Practice Room’, some cubicles where you can isolate yourself if you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, angry or on the verge of burnout.

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Amazon presents its “meditation booth” for stressed employees and in networks they react with hate and memes
Amazon presents its “meditation booth” for stressed employees and in networks they react with hate and memes

Amazons it is “A quiet place where people can focus on their mental health and emotional well-being”, explained in the presentation video Leila Brown, an Amazon employee and creator of the ‘meditation booth’.

Is about “An interactive kiosk where you can browse a library of mental health and mindfulness practices to recharge the internal battery.”Brown added.

The audiovisual materials made available to employees include videos about Mindfulness, guided meditation, positive affirmations, relaxing sounds, Tutorials to eat healthy food and other content to help calm down and get back to work invigorated.

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The “wellness cabin” was not well received

The reaction on social media has been so negative that Amazon He preferred to delete the post on Twitter, where he stylishly announced the “Zenbooth”.

But netizens do not forgive or forget, and even though the post was gone, the memes and criticism stayed. Many internet users pointed out the irony of the booths because “Instead of offering better working conditions, they give them space to cry”wrote a Twitter user.

“Amazon: No, they can’t take a break, no, they won’t get a raise, no, we won’t improve their working conditions, we won’t make structural changes, we won’t allow them to organize and go on strike, no. What we get, however, is a conscious practice room in the camp. “wrote Mikkel Krause Frantzen (@frantzen_mikkel) on Twitter.

“I’ve seen a lot of surreal ‘corporate dystopia’ crap in my life that seems straight out of science fiction, but that makes the cake. The concept is terrible, the fact that it was necessary and built is truly amazing, but the final straw is the name: Mindful Practice Room. Torture.”expressed by the @MultiClassMage account.

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Several others compared the Amazons with the “Suicide booths ” that appear in a chapter of the animated series ‘Futurama’.

Others recalled the episode of ‘The Simpsons’ where Milhouse leads Bart to a cave and tells him about it “And here I come to cry”.

And you, what do you think of that “Meditation cabin” of Amazon?

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