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Almost 3,000 firefighters fight more than a hundred fires in New South Wales (Australia)

December 7, 2019
Incendios en Nueva Gales del Sur

Fires in New South Wales – Mick Tsikas / AAP / dpa

CANBERRA, Dec. 7 (Reuters / EP) –

Around 2,800 firefighters are participating this Saturday in the tasks of extinguishing more than a hundred fires in the Australian state of New South Wales, in the east of the country, including one of great size to the northwest of Sydney that has threatened a lot of houses.

The so-called Gospers Mountain fire has a 60-kilometer front and is shaking several national parks, including Wollemi, Yengo and Dharug, to take the form of a “mega-fire,” according to Hawkesbury Deputy Mayor Mary Lyons-Buckett.

The Fire Service estimates that the tasks to contain this fire could last a week and that the flames have already been collected 350,000 hectares of land, “as long as the rain accompanies”, as he said in a statement.

Public health experts have warned the population of Sydney and other threatened areas to prepare for a rebound in fires pollution rates in the coming hours, as winds accelerate.

The rest of the fires continue to destroy the state. The total land consumed is estimated at two million hectares and so far six people have died and a helicopter has crashed. The pilot has only been slightly injured.