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All entrepreneurs live in fear! But there is nothing wrong

June 4, 2020

Fear paralyzes us. It makes us stop believing in ourselves and threatens to reduce our aspirations for entrepreneurship. How do I do it? Here is a reflection on the matter.

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All entrepreneurs live in fear! But there is nothing wrongAll entrepreneurs live in fear! But there is nothing wrong

Today I can write it: I lived in fear.

To be myself. Chasing my dreams. Today I realize that the years have passed and I am not even a sketch of the one I dreamed of when I was a teenager when I dared to travel the world with my eyes closed and my heart open. So I took a risk, wasn’t dependent on anyone else, and at least started everything I could think of in my head.

Today I can write it: I lived in fear. Although that doesn’t make me special because we all feel this fear.

We share yesterday’s fear that condemns us with its pain and ghosts. With their repressive characters, these are nothing more than our ideas. With the stories of those we can’t forget. With our pain and our dead.

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Fear of the present, in which we do not specify anything. In which everything slips out of our hands before we can understand it. Between meetings, calls, WhatsApp messages that keep coming back, traffic jams that make the day last absolutely nothing. A gift in which we swear again and again that today we will make the decision that will change our lives: we will update and send this resume, we will register this brand, we will land the idea, we will take the risk, to become independent. We will start even though there is no safety net under us.

Fear of the dark caves of tomorrow, which only allow us a small entrance to a possibly hostile labyrinth. What if we fail? What if we get lost? What if we never get out of there?

What if this is the path that leads to failure? Then we freeze. We live in fear.

Fear as a creative force

Well managed fear is not bad. It has a function in our existence: it helps us to stay away from dangers. The problem arises when there is no real danger. When it comes to an image projected from a certain memory, out of uncertainty. A scene that (in general) has not happened and is always being presented, that stops us and lets us hold on to the little that we have as if it were a safe haven.

How can we hide from the pictures of failure that we draw in our heads? How can you escape the shadow that our feet inevitably draw?

Therefore, we prefer to maintain our current state so as not to investigate whether this fear is true or not.

If anyone knows of these fears, it’s the artists. The creators are constantly afraid to share their work. They are beset by the idea that their song, music, film, painting, or novel may not be worth it. The great paradox is that the only way to know is to create it, share it, and let others admire it. Not so that they can judge it, but so that they can transform themselves.

Artists know that the only way to face fear is through creation.

Hugh Laurie, the musician known for the unforgettable Gregory House at Dr. To bring House series to life once wrote on his Facebook profile:

“I think it is terrible to wait in life until you are ready. At the moment I have the feeling that nobody is really ready to do anything. There is nothing ready. There is only now. And you can now I say it as confidently as if I’m about to jump out of the bungee or something – I won’t do it. I’m not a crazy risk taker. But I think overall now is a good time like any other. “

And maybe these words are the key to overcoming fear: doing what you want now without thinking too much. Chances are that the fear is still there, but you’ve created something new. And that’s what the entrepreneurship game is about.

Today I can write it: We live in fear, but we believe we do it, we dream.

Today, let’s transform into a unique and perfect creation that can change our existence forever.