Alestra Fest 2020

Digital evolution does not stop and only at Alestra Fest 2020 can you keep up with it

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Finally, the decade that everyone expected reached us and the long-awaited 2020 arrived. Therefore, in this iconic year, Alestra FEST is ready to confirm that it is the largest Digital Innovation tour in Mexico.

Alestra Fest 2020
Alestra Fest 2020

It is time to live a leap in time to know and live the technological solutions that will contribute to digital innovation in organizations in our country.

At Alestra FEST 2020 you will know that Alestra already provides distance collaboration technologies applied in medical offices, facial recognition in the financial industry and artificial intelligence in shopping malls, among many others.

Innovation has become an essential part of life in Alestra and its mission is to get everyone to adopt this practice. For this reason, it has prepared an event with all the trends in business entrepreneurship, corporate culture and the new technologies that will mark the following years of the industry.

At Alestra Fest 2020 you can also experience innovation through workshops, conferences and demonstrations that will help attendees build strategic planning for your organization. All integrated in a tour that will visit the six main cities in the country, this time adding Guadalajara as a Magna city and incorporating the city of Cancun for the first time.

The technology partners that will participate in the event are: Avaya, Amazon Web Services, Bright Pattern, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Fortinet, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Nutanic, Oracle, Palo Alto and Poly.

We will also have participation from partners in the area of ​​innovation such as Fortinet, Intel, Steelcase and Tenable; We will have the presence of startups such as Keyo, Nuve, Pabis, Vanthi, Zighra, with whom you can talk and learn about the solutions they are developing to offer the market.

The tour dates are:

February 20 in Tijuana at the Hotel Real Inn

February 27 in Cancun at the Iberostar Hotel

March 5 in Mexico City at the Pepsi Center

March 12 in Querétaro at the Congress Center

March 19 in Monterrey in Cintermex

March 26 in Guadalajara at Expo Guadalajara

For more details and information of the event you can enter the official site at

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