Al Assad says there will be elections in Syria in 2021 and that anyone can stand for them

Tilda Erdogan of “fanatic Islamist” and criticizes his “illegal” invasion of northern Syria Stresses that the Army “will regain full control of the territory”, including Kurdish majority areas

MADRID, 11 Nov. –

The president of Syria, Bashar al Assad, assured on Monday that there will be elections in the country in 2021 and has stressed that they will be attended by “numerous” candidates and that anyone can stand for election.

“The last time we were three (candidates) and this time, of course, there will be as many as they want to nominate. There will be numerous nominees,” he said, during an interview with the Russian television network RT.

Al Assad says there will be elections in Syria in 2021 and that anyone can stand for them
Al Assad says there will be elections in Syria in 2021 and that anyone can stand for them

In it, the Syrian president has insisted that he “does not believe” the American version of the death of the leader of the jihadist group Islamic State, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, and added that his body has not been publicly exposed.

“He was prepared by the Americans to play this role (of caliph and leader of the jihadist group) and we do not believe the recent story about his death. Perhaps he is dead, but not in the manner mentioned,” he added.

Thus, he has argued that “the whole story was to clean the American hand and that it is not seen that it is the hand in contact with the terrorists during the last years and decades.” “It's like in science fiction movies, when they eliminate your memory,” he argued.

“They wanted to eliminate from the memory of their public opinion that they had a direct link with those terrorists, especially Al Qaeda, Islamic State and the Nusra Front,” he said.

“When Saddam Hussein was captured they showed him. When he was executed, they showed the execution. When they killed their children, they showed their bodies. The same with (the late Libyan leader Muammar) Gaddafi. Why don't they show the body of (the deceased Al Qaeda Usama leader) Bin Laden? Why don't you show Al Baghdadi's body? “he asked.

Al Assad has again stated that Syria played no role in the operation, despite US President Donald Trump thanking Damascus during the announcement about the death of the Islamic State leader.

In addition, he has accused Washington of using these terrorist groups to try to overthrow his government. “They invaded Afghanistan and achieved nothing. They invaded Iraq and achieved nothing. They began to invade other countries differently,” he said.

“They need tools. They realized that it didn't work in Iraq to send their army. They lost a lot and paid the price, even within the United States. It is much easier for them to send a” representative. ”

On the other hand, he has charged heavily against his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he has described as “a fanatic Islamist” and “an enemy”, as collected by the Syrian state news agency, SANA.

In this regard, he said that the relationship between the European Union (EU) and Erdogan “is two-way.” “They hate him but they love him. They hate him, they know he is a fanatic Islamist and that he is going to send them extremists and maybe terrorists,” he argued.

In addition, he stressed that “the majority of Syrians who went to Turkey (as refugees) did so because of terrorism in Syria, because of terrorist attacks.” “They don't love him (Erdogan), but at the same time they fear him,” he added.


Al Assad has also had words for the recent Turkish offensive against Kurdish forces in northern Syria and has stressed that the Syrian Army “will regain full control of the territory.”

In this way, he has rejected the possibility of an agreement with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) and the Kurdish authorities to grant some kind of autonomy to this part of the territory and has opened the door for militiamen to join the Armed Forces.

“We are in a transition period, because they are going to keep their weapons for now. We have invited them to join the Army. Some have said no, and during the last few days they have said yes … We do not know what that will happen, “he explained.

“The SDS are not just Kurds, it is a mixture of Kurds, Arabs and others,” he said, before adding that “when talking about the SDS, of the Kurds in the SDS, they represent part of the Kurds.”

The Syrian president has also accused the Democratic Union Party (PYD) – a Syrian Kurdish party whose armed arm is the Popular Protection Units (YPG) – of “being supported by Americans with weapons, money.” “They are American agents,” he criticized.

“These groups of the PYD gave (to Erdogan) the excuse and the reason to invade Syria, but that does not mean that the invasion is legal. It is illegal from every point of view,” he said.


In another order of things, he has again denied that the Army has used chemical weapons at any time during the war and has reiterated that Damascus “does not need them.” “Every time they talk about the use of chemical weapons, it is when we move forward, not when we lose,” he said.

“He who says that there was use of chemical weapons is the one who must demonstrate its use,” he said, while pointing out that “each story was nothing more than an accusation.”

He has also accused Syrian Civil Defense (SCD), an organization popularly known as 'white helmets', of being “a branch of the Nusra Front.” “The same one who was with the 'white helmets' was a fighter with Al Qaeda,” he said.

The Syrian president has also said that the 'terrorists' use medical centers with base. “They say that the Syrian Army only attacks humanitarian facilities so that civilians suffer,” he said, before adding that “the mission of the Army and the State is to protect civilians from those terrorists.”

“No war is a good war. This is evident. There are always victims in any war, but talking about the fact that the Army or the State is going to kill civilians and their own people is not realistic,” he said.

“The war in Syria was about capturing people's hearts, and you can't capture their hearts if they were bombed. The Syrian Army was fighting terrorists, and there is collateral fire that affected some civilians,” he defended.

Thus, he pointed out that “in the western narrative (….) our bullets, missiles and bombs only kill civilians, they do not kill militiamen.” “Our interest lies in killing terrorists to protect civilians,” he said.

On the other hand, he has denied that there are “torture units” or a “torture policy” in Syria, despite numerous accusations by international organizations, NGOs and victims since before the outbreak of the war in 2011 and during the conflict.

“Why torture? Is information needed? We have all the information. Most people supported the Government, so we have been here for nine years despite all this aggression by the West and the petrodollars of the Arab region,” he said. saying.

“It is not a policy. If you talk about isolated incidents, if there is an individual incident that could be committed by someone for revenge or other reasons. It can happen anywhere in the world, but we do not have that policy,” he has settled.

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