Akon is selling historical DNA data art as an NFT on the Oasis Network

It seems like everything is an NFT (non-fungible token) these days and your DNA could be next.

In a press release today AkoinNFT, the non-fungible token platform of musician and young blockchain entrepreneur Akon, announced the planned auction of an NFT that will be a “high-resolution artistic rendering” of genetic data from Professor George Church, a renowned biology researcher and the first human to develop his genome to be sequenced.

AkoinNFT will use the Oasis Labs package development platform for imprinting Buyers also have the option of receiving a “30x Whole Genome Sequencing” of their own DNA from project partner Nebula Genomics, a DNA sequencing company co-founded by Church.

Akon is selling historical DNA data art as an NFT on the Oasis Network
Akon is selling historical DNA data art as an NFT on the Oasis Network

The aim of the auction is to “initiate a conversation about fair and transparent ways to monetize and share health data,” which will take place on Thursday, June 10th.

When we celebrate the artist in us all, there is no better indicator than our own genome sequenced DNA to show the individuality that makes us who we are. This NFT coinage will be revolutionary in many ways, ”Akon said in the statement.

Not only will you be the first to sequence your DNA, but you’ll be too Church is also considered a pioneer when it comes to making its medical records and data publicly available. As a result, your data has been used in hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific studies..

The move to medical or genomic data stored as NFT could be a precursor to larger medical records for the Oasis Network. The network recently announced a major migration from a DeFi protocol as part of a number of recent initiatives.However, in 2018 it raised $ 45 million with a very computer-centric speech to protect privacy, which would include multiple medical records use cases.

Anne Fauvre, COO of Oasis, said Parcel’s development platform could be used for other off-chain data sets.

“We see Parcel and Oasis Network, with its ability to label numerous off-chain asset classes, as an ideal platform to secure the next generation of NFT.”

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