AJE Málaga and Our Space jointly offer blockchain, big data and AI courses

The Association of Young s (AJE Málaga) announced their association with the Our Space coworking center through their social networks and communicated jointly the signing of agreements to offer courses on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, as well as big data.

The course begins with introductory knowledge of cryptography, cybersecurity and algorithms, among other things. With the aim of later analyzing ethical “hacking” techniques and a practical case of “hacking” a website. Finally, the course deals with artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies.

AJE Málaga and Our Space jointly offer blockchain, big data and AI courses
AJE Málaga and Our Space jointly offer blockchain, big data and AI courses

However, Our Space’s training contract has in turn teamed up with the digital law firm Vicox Legal, which provides speakers and content for the courses.

The first course on offer is entitled “Attorney Programming and Ethical Hacking” and runs from February 4th to April 7th. The cost of the course is 500 euros and the companies affiliated with AJE Málaga receive a 50% discount.

Likewise, students can attend a series of events and lectures to meet professionals who have already been successful in their projects, to make contacts that will serve to put into action the business plans they develop during the course.

Vicente Ortiz, CEO of Vicox Legal, emphasized that this agreement will allow attendees to review whether · while the economy is on hold, the technology continues to advance and expand and grow.

“We have a lot of ideas and professionals to implement and we expect students to implement them after graduation,” he said.

For his part, José Cosín, administrator of Our Space, has trusted that the students will complete the course “by creating their innovative company and realizing their digital projects”. In addition to the discount, AJE members receive four months of free office space in the facilities worth more than 1,000 euros.

The course is not just for lawyers, but anyone looking to take their first steps in programming, get involved in ethical hacking, or start a digital business.

Other associations of this kind

As reported by Cointelegraph, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association of the Region of Murcia, Blockchain Murcia, further expanded its alliances with professional associations in February of this year to make the region a “blockchain capital” on a national level.

With this in mind, they signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of Young s of the Murcia Region, AJE Murcia, under the action plan established by the Murcian Association.

Without a doubt, blockchain is possibly the most important disruptive technology of the last decade, gradually changing the business world. This option allows you to permanently record transactions on a decentralized network that uses a distributed registry. This means that all participants own the information.

The use of artificial intelligence in companies underlines its advantages up to administrative processes and finances. As a result, the general budgets are saved significantly. The amalgamation of these new technologies offers a wholly beneficial turn for the new ways of doing business.

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