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April 6, 2020

The Mexican Online Sales Association launches this organization with the aim of strengthening the small and medium-sized companies that will have their sales affected at physical points by COVID-19.

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The Mexican Online Sales Association created the free national platform ,   With the support of 350 associated companies , which will function as a support for all those businesses (from restaurants, shopkeepers, gyms, etc.) – that are affected in their physical sales , to speed up their incursion and migration to electronic commerce, to ensure the continuity of your business and maintain your main economic income. created to support SMEs affected by Covid-19 to migrate to electronic created to support SMEs affected by Covid-19 to migrate to electronic commerce

With this free platform, AMVO will make available to SMEs and startups, consultation material and tutorials created by the main marketplaces in Mexico; which will allow in a matter of hours to enable their businesses to the digital channel, allowing them to make use of the infrastructure that their sites offer in terms of technology and logistics such as: national delivery methods, online payment options and order tracking in real time.

The platform is open to the population seeking to purchase products locally and to those seeking employment. The functions are:

1) Job Bank . There will be access to an online job bank , through which companies will be able to publish their vacancies.

2) Find services. Consumers will be able to effectively and quickly find new options for their online purchases, through the classification of stores by categories and geolocated.

The categories that the consumer can find are: Food and drinks (includes restaurants); Health (pharmacy, medical equipment, medical consultations, laboratories); Wellness, Personal Care, Beauty (gyms, yoga classes, meditation, nutrition consultations, beauty products, etc.); Training (professional training); Toys ; Home ; Transportation (bicycle and / or vehicle rental), among others.

AMO calls on society to join the initiative as volunteers, and take the role of advisers to complete the digital migration of these businesses, serving as support to carry out the technological process that involves enabling a business within a marketplace , considerably reducing the learning curve and the time it would take for an SME or startup with no knowledge in the sector to enable their online sales.

If you are an SME interested in this call, enter the page where you can pre-register.

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