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Airtm launches its virtual rechargeable card with crypto

May 19, 2020

The multinational exchange platform offers a new service to use the means of the users. The versatility of exchanging money in cryptocurrencies for airtm dollars called AirUSD on the same platform is one of the advantages of this service.

The platform is characterized by a wide payment portal and methods of depositing the account, from cash in different currencies worldwide to the use of gift cards. Now the introduction of a virtual prepaid card has been announced.

Uphold has offered a similar service in the past. The cards, as issued by Airtm, were supported by MasterCard. Airtm that is already well accepted in the crypto world.

Covid-19 Boost

Airtm launches its virtual rechargeable card with crypto
Airtm launches its virtual rechargeable card with crypto

Internet purchases have increased significantly since the pandemic was triggered worldwide, and therefore this situation creates a business opportunity that the platform uses with this service. Social and mandatory isolation set a standard in world trade. We are now more digital than at the beginning of the year. It is therefore logical to expect that platforms will begin their development towards mass consumption from afar.

It offers the creation of a global acceptance card without regional restrictions, which is perfect for online purchases abroad without large cumbersome processes. Please note that once the card has been generated, it cannot be loaded because it is not a physical card. The generation of the card code is linked to the amount for which it was generated, and at the end of the credit the card automatically leaves the MasterCard system and can therefore not be reused.

Conditions and service fees

Everything in the financial system is costly, and although Airtm can run on cryptocurrencies, commissions are still costly and must be considered before issuing a virtual card of this type.

The first thing to note is that there are two types of users in Airtm. If you are a user who is not yet verified, you can use a maximum of $ 100 per card, but with the only way to make a single purchase per card, prompting users to consider the platform’s commission per purchase, which is one dollar per transaction. Despite a maximum amount of U $ 100 per card, multiple cards can be generated up to a maximum of U $ 250 per month.

If the user is verified on the platform, you have a limit of $ 800 and the card is available several times. It also states that you can generate as many virtual cards as you need per month until you reach the $ 2400 limit per month.

If the purchase made in one of the cases throws a remainder onto the card, it cannot be redirected to the Airtm account. It is therefore important to make accurate purchases, always taking into account the Airtm commission for each transaction.

Similarly, the generation of the virtual card incurs standard costs of $ 4.95 related to the operating costs charged by the company that generated the virtual card. In addition, 3% of the amount to be financed is charged as a commission and an additional commission of 1% for the service.. When a person issues a U $ 100 card, they generally pay U $ 108.95 for a card to be used in a single transaction, and also take into account that the purchase price must be paid additional U $$ 1 commission for the purchase.

The only restriction that Airtm imposes on the use of the virtual card is the payment of subscriptions to betting websites or platforms for uploaded or streaming content for adults.

An advantage of this card is that, although it is virtual, it is valid for six months from its issuance, as it is a pre-installed card that does not require a credit approval to be approved. This does not mean that the purchases are not traceable, since every consumption is registered in the user’s account statement, stating the costs.

Another advantage that makes it even more attractive is that the cryptocurrencies managed by Airtm offer a number of ways to spend cryptocurrencies. in a more personal way if you want because the cryptocurrency storage capacity gives you a card with the available cryptocurrencies, making it easier to spend and with lower convertibility fees.

An expanding fintech

Airtm is an electronic wallet connected to banking networks and electronic money systems worldwide. Users can exchange their balances within the platform with both users via a custody account exchange and with the platform itself.

According to the official website, The Mexican company has more than 800 payment methods They include both traditional and virtual world systems for popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash.

With a free market price available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, lThe platform was launched as an option for inflationary economies such as Argentina and Venezuelawhere exchange restrictions make it difficult to access a foreign account in dollars.

The company uses technology as a tool to drive economic strengthening and democratize access to first world financial services.

The platform gives verified users access to a number of benefits This ranges from collecting money for work on any online platform to unlimited operation within Airtm.

Airtm is widespread in the Latin American market, particularly in the Venezuelan community. whose rate is even part of the daily indicator for the parallel dollar in Venezuela, Highlighting the level of awareness in the oil country.