Airbnb will delete the accounts of hosts who have a weight limit on their home rentals

The owners of the Bobbit’s Lair Cabin asked for 10 very specific rules in order to gain access to the property.

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Airbnb will delete the accounts of hosts who have a weight limit on their home rentals
Airbnb will delete the accounts of hosts who have a weight limit on their home rentals

A guest couple out Airbnb In Kent, England, they received great criticism when they put their cabin up for rent but banned people over 100kg so guests could not damage the property.

How collected The times, Zsu and Marcus, owners of Bobbit’s Lair cabin in Sandwich, Kent, listed the property on Airbnb for £ 199 a night (5,690 Mexican pesos at current price). The hosts have been criticized for placing restrictions on guests with “eating disorders”.

The property was advertised as a two-bedroom cabin in the 15th century style with a hot tub in the garden.

In the original ad I had 10 strict rules for future guests (and we quote):

  • Arrival: after 3 p.m.
  • Departure: 1:00 p.m.
  • Not suitable for babies (under 2 years)
  • No pets
  • No parties or events
  • smoking allowed

Additional rules

1. DO NOT light any flames or candles in the cabin.
2. No loud music should be played after 10pm (we are in a residential area).
3. DO NOT smoke in the cabin.
4. DO NOT move furniture or rearrange the kitchen.
5.NOT more than 4 people at the same time in the whirlpool (close the lid carefully, it is difficult)
6. People with eating disorders cannot book, we have a maximum weight of 100 kg per person
7. Non-guests are not allowed.
8. Red wine must NOT be drunk in carpeted areas or bedrooms.
9. DO NOT drink tap water, use the filter machines for all drinks.

The final note on the list was: “Please do not move anything in the cabin, it is perfectly balanced and when I come back from my travels I hope to find it as I left it.”

This listing caught the ire of social media users and body-positive groups, and prompted the owners to withdraw the Airbnb offer on Tuesday night and then increase the offer again without mentioning “eating disorders”.

Image: Kennedy News / Airbnb

The cabin owners said the construction was very old and that the weight restriction was due to the “very old oak beams”.

With that in mind, Airbnb decided to completely ditch the couple’s account from its website, saying that “discrimination has no place in their community”.

“We enforce a strict non-discrimination policy and as part of our Open Doors initiative, if a guest feels discriminated against, we will personally support them to ensure they find accommodation,” a spokesman told the Daily mail.

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