Air France is testing a blockchain-based COVID-19 travel system

Given that travel and tourism are one of the industries hardest hit by the quarantines caused by the coronavirus pandemicVarious stakeholders are increasingly relying on digital and contactless solutions.

With this in mind, Air France has partnered with MedAire. SGS, International SOS and the International Chamber of Commerce are testing a blockchain-based COVID-19 travel system.

From March 11th Air France will begin piloting the ICC AOKpass system developed by MedAire and International SOS. The ICC AOKpass is an application that travelers can install on their smartphone and that contains a secure record of their COVID-19 test results from approved laboratories.

Air France is testing a blockchain-based COVID-19 travel system
Air France is testing a blockchain-based COVID-19 travel system

With the app, Travelers do not need to submit a paper test result as the ICC AOKpass serves as a secure method for checking the user’s negative COVID-19 status.

According to an announcement on Tuesday, the test will last four weeks and only cover the Paris CDG-Pointe-à-Pitre and Paris CDG-Fort-de-France routes.

The press release also revealed that use of the app will be voluntary for passengers on the route. Air France announced that the details of the study will be shared with all other project partners in order to support digitization efforts related to travel in the healthcare sector.

Commenting on the need for digital innovation in the travel sector amid the coronavirus pandemic, Catherine Villar, Director of Customer Experience at Air France:

“The testing of the AOKpass solution fully complies with this framework and the process that was initiated by the establishment of the Air France Protect label. We believe that the changes we are going through together will change the path in the long run, and we are determined to support any innovation projects that can help us address these new challenges. “

The AOKpass solution is not Air France’s first blockchain-based system. Actually, The fifth largest airline in the world has historically researched new technology in various aspects of its operations.

According to a report by Statista, Airlines have lost an estimated $ 314 billion to the coronavirus pandemic and air traffic has declined by more than 60%, according to the United Nations News Agency. To adhere to social distancing protocols, stakeholders are increasingly prioritizing contactless protocols that require digital base layers like blockchain.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, the South Korean island of Jeju, a major tourist hotspot, uses a COVID-19 tracking app that is based on decentralized registration technology. In January it was reported that Frankfurt Airport had implemented an Iota-based solution to track the results of COVID-19 tests on travelers.

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