Ai-Da, the first robot artist to exhibit

As a criticism of modern life and technology, Ai-Da can draw thanks to artificial intelligence.

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Ai-Da, the first robot artist to exhibit
Ai-Da, the first robot artist to exhibit

Ai-DaA humanoid robot with artificial intelligence shows a series of self-portraits that she took by “looking” into a swab with her cameras on her eyes. Does it sound strange? A little bit we’re going to tell you how it works and why the idea came about.

The robot was named Ai-Da after 19th century mathematician Ada Lovelace. According to its creators, it is capable of drawing real people with its camera eye and a pencil in hand.

How does it work

She “looks” into the mirror that is integrated into her camera eyes and uses algorithm programs to convert it into coordinates. The hand of artistic robotics calculates a virtual route and interprets the coordinates to create the work of art.

Why an artistic robot?

The idea for Ai-Da came from Aidan Meller, the owner of the Oxford Art Gallery, and Lucy Seal, the art curator.

Seal commented that the self-portraits are meant to be a criticism of our current reliance on data-driven technology.

In an interview with The Sunday Times She said, “We live in a culture of selfies, but we share our data with the tech giants who use it to predict our behavior. We use technology to outsource our own decisions. “

“The work invites us to think about artificial intelligence, technological applications and abuses in today’s world.”

His work will be exhibited at the Design Museum in London between May and June, provided sanitary conditions permit. However, this would be the second exhibition. In 2019, the robot was introduced and explored the boundaries between artificial intelligence, technology and organic life in drawing, painting, sculpture and video art.

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