Afraid of public speaking? This audiobook is for you

People may be afraid of public speaking, but there are several things we can do to overcome this. We explain it here.

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Afraid of public speaking? This audiobook is for you
Afraid of public speaking? This audiobook is for you

By Guillermo Triana

“Man is inherently a social being, and the antisocial being is inherent and not accidental, or is an evil person or more than a person,” said Aristotle.

What a great challenge our human nature lets us know that we need other people to survive! For example, to feed ourselves when we are born, to generate income when we reach adulthood, or to multiply to continue the existence of the species. And there are plenty of examples like this about the importance of living together and relationships between people. However, there is a bigger challenge in our nature: when it creates certain dysfunctional social fears.

On a genetic level, we are born with the fear of relating to others. However, some people experience these phobias more intensely than others, especially fears like Anthropophobia (Fear of other people) or Glossophobia (Fear of public speaking).

Though up to 75% of people have experienced it, these aversions can be controlled by certain practices, especially if you want to learn to speak in public:


Always think about the opportunity to improve your interaction with others by speaking in public. Think about the opportunity you have.

Cognitive restructuring

This involves changing your mindset about a possible scenario. Imagine you have a public presentation tomorrow and you normally think, “What nerves! I’m sure I’ll make a mistake and make a fool of myself. “This is negative thinking and cognitive restructuring suggests turning these mental constructs into positive ones. In this sense think: “It will be fine for me, I will remember everything and I will influence my audience!” Always think positive!


Do an exercise in which you practice your language. In this way you visualize yourself and see that this is possible behind closed doors.

Channel fear

If you stand in front of the public, you will surely feel fear that triggers nerves, sweat and rapid breathing. We need to be aware that fear, like all emotions, is energy, and you need to channel it, that is, consciously focus it in your favor. This is done by making an entrance or beginning of your speech in an energetic way, either with body language or through the voice.

Listen to the book in Beek Scream: How to Channel and Lose Fear of Public SpeechHere, step by step, I specify how we can channel the fear we face before a public presentation, some strategies for practicing, and various exercises in awareness and cognitive restructuring.

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Remember that dysfunctional fears create dysfunctional people. We all live with these fears and only a few manage to channel them. These few are the leaders who hold leadership positions because speaking publicly and knowing how to act are a necessary skill for decision-making positions.

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