Adventure in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology “

On July 23, the presentation of the graphic novel took place in the bookstore “El Callejón del Cuento” in Vélez-Málaga “Mr. Meta: Adventure in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology”, as verified by DiarioSur.

It is true that there are already numerous books on the market that explain Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in detail. There is also a more fun way to learn about the crypto world and that way is through the comics.

Although it seems hard to believe, there are many artists who have chosen this theme to create their works. So they were born from canvases to sculptures, but also from a multitude of comics with plots ranging from didactic to complex to satirical.

Adventure in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology “
Adventure in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology “

The author is one of the largest blockchain technology specialists in the country. This graphic novel aims to spread in a fun and entertaining way the operation of cryptocurrencies, their history and the technology behind it, blockchain technology, which is set to revolutionize our world over the next decade.

The comic also has a price inside, there is a crypto puzzle on its sides. The first to solve it is the 0.1 bitcoin winner.

The 98-page graphic novel is available in bookstores and supermarkets. However, the author recommends buying from local bookstores such as El callejón del Tale to work with local businesses.

The idea of ​​this comic is to create a character named Mr. Meta who will tell the reader directly his story in the world of cryptocurrencies since its inception. An exciting story full of hackers, speculation and disruptive political movements. It is the protagonist’s specialty that spreads through metaphors, hence the name.

Carlos Martín is an industrial engineer specializing in blockchain technology and professor of university masters in blockchain technology and tokenization. Known as CEO of Crypto Birds Platform S.L., a collaborative platform for the analysis of projects based on blockchain technology. one of the first startups to conduct a legal STO in Spain. He was also a short film screenwriter and podcaster.

Martín explained:

“With the coronavirus crisis, cryptocurrencies are a safe haven value, especially for the youngest, as is gold for the elderly, as countries print a lot more paper money to stop this crisis that is diluting their value,” argues Martín, who acknowledges that, as with any investment, “there is an obvious risk with cryptocurrencies”.

“You can win and you can lose. We always ask our customers to invest as much as they are willing to lose.”

In spring 2019, Crypto Birds was the first company in the country to issue cryptocurrencies in accordance with applicable law as part of a project that was intended to serve as a meeting point between investors and companies seeking finance.

Gérman Torres is the comic illustrator. He is an independent cartoonist based in Barcelona. He has worked for Marvel, Dynamite, IDW Publishing, Tor Books, the Lerner Publishing Group and many others.

Comics and Bitcoin

Using comics in the crypto room isn’t new. For a long time the penetration of this art and renowned artists of the medium has been observed trying to explain the complex world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in a very funny way for most beginners.

Recently, a webcomic called Bulltardia was released that hides twelve clues that are a key phrase for winning a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet with 0.1 BTC. The first two episodes are in volume three of the Fanzine of culture Bitcoin Citadel 21.

It was also recently revealed that Decentraland users could see the works of DC and Marvel comic book artist José Delbo in an exhibition in the World of Reality on July 23 at the MakersPlace game gallery. Ethereum-based virtual device.

The artist, who began his career at the age of 16, is best known for drawing Wonder Woman for DC Comics and Transformers for Marvel.

In the virtual gallery, he posted a series of digital images in VR for display and sale in the MakersPlace game gallery, with proof of ownership registered using blockchain technology.

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