Addison Rae tells us (and her 70 million TikTok followers) why she’s “small” shopping this Christmas

The second most popular person on TikTok explains why they partnered with Amazon to get their followers to buy from SMBs.

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This article has been translated from our English edition.

Addison Rae tells us (and her 70 million TikTok followers) why she’s “small” shopping this Christmas
Addison Rae tells us (and her 70 million TikTok followers) why she’s “small” shopping this Christmas

Social media stars of various “influence” have encouraged followers to “shop small” this holiday season, but few have as large audiences or as many Gen Z fans as Addison Rae Easterling, twenty years old. With 70 million followers on TikTok, 32 million on Instagram, and 4 million on Twitter and YouTube, Easterling is in a unique position to influence followers in helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in December.

To that end, of course, it partnered with … Amazon? It sounds strange, but it’s part of the mega-retailer’s Support Small initiative, which highlights small business owners who use their platform to sell. In addition to Easterling, Amazon recruited celebrities like Chance the Rapper and Charles Melton Riverdale to highlight your favorite small businesses on Amazon in a campaign that runs until December 11th.

Easterling’s post, which featured its favorite products, got a staggering 21 million views and 2.6 million likes on TikTok alone, and the brands featured saw a surge in sales as a result.


Here is my guide to Christmas gifts with small businesses on Amazon! Duet this with ## supportmallchallenge to win all of my picks. ## Display

You think you are – Alex Aster

In an email interview, Easterling shared why he chose this partnership, how he chose the gifts in his guide, and how some of the brands have reacted.

The answers have been edited to be longer and clearer.

ENTREPRENEUR (ENT): I’m sure brands always approach you with partnerships. Why did this one speak to you?

ADDISON RAE EASTER (ARE): COVID-19 made it difficult for many people, especially small businesses, this year. I love the heart and passion of small businesses and how careful they are with their customer service. Amazon has made it very easy for customers to support small businesses while making it a breeze from the comfort of their phone or computer.

ENT: How did you choose the Amazon companies and products to highlight?

ARE: I chose these products because of the types of gifts I love to give and receive, and many of the small business owners have amazing stories too. For example, I love tea, so Tea Drops was a natural choice. It’s a women-owned company that sells a wide variety of teas in fun shapes that dissolve quickly in water. Pretty funny!

ENT: One could argue that small purchases on Amazon are an oxymoron. Why are you encouraging people to do so instead of buying directly from small businesses in their cities?

ARE: I totally understand. I don’t know where it is in the county, but I’m in Los Angeles and the COVID-19 numbers here are extreme. All of my purchases are made online, and Amazon makes it really easy. Although Amazon is a large company, many small businesses sell their products through their platform. Amazon makes the buying process easy.

ENT: Have you heard of any of the brands you introduced?

ARE: Yes!

ENT: Your sponsored posts on TikTok tend to work in a similar way to organic ones, which is not common. Why do you think your audience is interacting with your sponsored content?

ARE: I think my fans trust me and what I share with them and it’s good to see that reflected.

ENT: As you choose which brands to work with, do you think how these campaigns will bring these campaigns to life across all of your platforms? (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube etc.)

ARE: I see each platform as a different medium. It is very rare that you will see the same content of mine on more than one platform.

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