Add value to your freelance job offer in 6 steps

Take advantage of this contingency to adapt, update your networks, portfolio or curriculum and offer new offers while adjusting your finances and reorganizing your project as an independent or entrepreneur.

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Add value to your freelance job offer in 6 steps
Add value to your freelance job offer in 6 steps

Contingency is a reality, as well as the opportunities it brings, such as living more with the family, spending more time exercising or developing your career as an independent. Workana , marketplace for freelancers , shares 6 actions for you to undertake during quarantine, stay productive and add value to your service offer.

Strengthen your consulting side

Your clients may be overwhelmed by the multiple challenges that the COVID-19 brought with it, but this should not stop your role as a professional. Make recommendations to your clients and suppliers that are valuable and relevant for this time, look for new opportunities in the most affected industries, update yourself and propose actions within this context. They are special projects that will have significant value on your resume.

Update your knowledge

Every experienced freelancer knows that training is vital to stay current in the market. Use quarantine to take courses, webinars, download books, and other content that adds value to your service portfolio. Research and take advantage of the different online content options available; many of them are being released this season for free or with discounts, being a great opportunity to renew your knowledge.

Guide others in their work

Become a remote advisor within your area of ​​knowledge, through remote platforms. Use your experience in managing schedules, necessary tools, functional programs and other accessories that help you be more productive for your industry; offers advice to other independent or small companies, who have problems with the implementation of the home office , take your agenda online and attend consultations by video call or generate deliverables that work as a guide.

Plug in your website and portfolio

The constant pace of work that you can have as a freelancer on many occasions makes you forget to refresh your image. Just think about when was the last time you updated your digital portfolio, website or resume . Invest your time in renewing your cover letters, modernize your social networks or start a website so that people know your services better. A positive image also implies staying close to key clients, in order to see what projects they are in and how you can generate opportunities with them in the future.

Identify areas of opportunity

Support local businesses and guide them with your experience; for example, the contingency has made e-commerce an opportunity for small businesses to stay current; In this case, an e-commerce expert can design and develop a web portal for them. Write content that drives sales or generates communications to keep them close to your workers.

Adjust your finances

Although being at home means savings in commuting or office rent, you should rethink what programs or accessories you require to continue having high productivity and which others you can stop paying. Having or maintaining health insurance should be one of your priorities. Don't buy non-essential items. Adjust your goals according to your plans.

Supporting others through your knowledge, and nurturing them at the same time, will not only give you personal satisfaction, it is also an opportunity to expand your client portfolio, because people will locate and value your work in a special way in the future. .

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