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According to Tim Cook, Apple needs to do more to fight racism

June 5, 2020

The CEO’s statement about #BlackLivesMatter dominates the homepage.

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According to Tim Cook, Apple needs to do more to fight racismAccording to Tim Cook, Apple needs to do more to fight racism

This story originally appeared on Engadget

After participating in Apple Music Blackout Tuesday the CEO this week Tim cook released an official statement confirming the company’s position on the protests by the Black Lives Matter movement around the world. In a publication called “Talk About Racism”Cook laments the inequalities in the US judicial system, noting that “while we have seen progress in America where I grew up, the color communities are still suffering from discrimination and trauma.”

Cook describes Apple’s mission as creating technology that enables people to change the world for the better, “but we have to do more.” He briefly reviews the brand’s work to help underserved school systems and the environment, and says Apple donates to organizations like the Fair Justice Initiative that work against racial injustice and masses.

Cook is not explicitly committed to further donations or specific measures. However, the statement was of considerable importance on the homepage.

Brands around the world are in the process of publishing statements about the cause Black lives countand some value others more than others. Apple’s statement may be underlined by some as a sign of virtue, but it has clarified its stance so that it is prepared for future accountability.