According to this study, the Pfizer vaccine could be effective against new coronavirus strains

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, together with scientists from the Medical Department of the University of Texas (USA), carried out an analysis of the N501Y mutation in the peak protein of the variant found in the UK.

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According to this study, the Pfizer vaccine could be effective against new coronavirus strains
According to this study, the Pfizer vaccine could be effective against new coronavirus strains

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The Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine against coronavirus can provide protection against new tribes contagious Covid-19, appeared in Great Britainor and South Africarevealed an investigation.

University of Texas scientistsconducted an investigation supported by the companies whose base is based on the Variant N501and in the Peak protein of both mutations, which spread faster than the previous variants.

The study used the Blood samples from an average of 20 people, the same one that she had received vaccine With technology MRNA of companies as part of a past clinical study.

The antibody in the blood of People that he had gave the vaccine could neutralize some version of the mutated virus produced in the laboratory.

Even if they talk about it Starting numbers, the Get results show signs hopeful That the dose Has likely to work against new mutationsA relief to health officials trying to stem the wave of new infections, including in their attempts to do so vaccinate most vulnerable people, as much as possible. The Tribes of United Kingdom and those of South Africa showed evidence that there are more infections than previous variants.

However, it is emphasized that The results are limited, because that Analysis of the entire group of variants found in some of the tribes of SARS-CoV-2 fast transfer.

The mutation could be responsible for further disseminationHe adds that there is concern that the virus may also escape the effects of the vaccine, he says Phil Dormitzer, the chief investigator of the American pharmaceutical company’s vaccines.

The specialist pointed out that it is hopeful that the doses appear to be effective against both the mutation and the others 15 variants that the company has been testing for the past few days. “So now we’ve tested 16 different mutationsand none of them had a significant impact. That’s the good news, but that doesn’t mean 17 won’t have it, “he warns Dormitzer.

Experts plan to run similar tests to see if the vaccine is effective against other strains found in coronavirus mutations in United Kingdom and South AfricaHope to find more information within the next weeks.

It is worth noting that shortly after the emergence of the new variety in United KingdomAt the end of December, the managing director of BioNTech, Ugur Sahinconfirmed confidence that his vaccine would be effective for this new mutation. It was also announced that the dose It would receive the changes necessary to accommodate this variant’s arrival in about six weeks, though it might need a new one later Approval until Health authorities.

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