According to Mark Cuban, cryptocurrency prices are increasingly reflecting “real demand”.

In a Twitter thread today, the billionaire investor Mark Cuban spoke about the current state and future of blockchain technology and investmentsand finally came to the conclusion that While there are real barriers to adoption, asset prices increasingly reflect actual “profit” and “demand”.and finally The day will come when cryptocurrencies “are so mature that we wonder how we lived without them“.

Cuban posted the 10 tweets thread this morning and noticed that While the asset class matures crypto prices, they are now a by-product of current usage as opposed to a possible speculative gain.

Cryptocurrencies and each implementation evolve in real time from “What is the potential utility?” To “What is the current utility and how many users does it have?”. Token / coin prices are now less a bet on the future than a reflection of actual demand.

“”More transactions per second (TPS) and lower gas rates are not enough“He wrote, probably referring to the often grandiose claims of several single-tier, low-activity chains,” There must be a CURRENT network effect and significant user growth. This is a challenge for most L1 and L2 (1 and 2 layers) as the marketing in the cryptocurrency universe is more than terrible with a few exceptions. “

According to Mark Cuban, cryptocurrency prices are increasingly reflecting “real demand”.
According to Mark Cuban, cryptocurrency prices are increasingly reflecting “real demand”.

Noticed that Teams are often “confused” when you ask them about “your products, sales, gross margin dollars and profits.”, but that these metrics are of enormous importance in what he describes as hugely competitive.

What is the value of a blockchain or an L2 solution with no users? But they haven’t figured out how to sell yet. They pay bonuses to developers as well as for liquidity and validators. But they don’t invest much in marketing to attract users

In addition to the marketing problems, the Dallas Mavericks owner said so A widespread misunderstanding about key mechanisms like log management is hindering growth. Not enough is being done to “highlight the impact of governance on platforms and their products / services”.

However, believes that participation in governance â ???? That it can be “something beautiful” in its best moments ???? will be a standard in the end::

I think governance will be expected from all users over time, and most will at least contribute through voting. But today it is poorly understood and that is holding back the growth of some platforms. ”

“I think that, Over time, all users will be expected to participate in governance and the majority will at least contribute through voting. But little is understood today and that is stifling the growth of some platforms. ”

As soon as cryptocurrencies have passed their current phase “Where users need training and products and services need to be sold to keep their original promises” digital assets “can mature to the point where we wonder how we ever lived without them”.TO

Cuban has been particularly upbeat in its cryptocurrency comments lately., especially reiterates its support for Bitcoin and Dogecoin as payment options after derogatory comments from billionaire Elon Musk that could have toppled markets:

We will continue to accept BTC / Eth / Dogecoin as we know that replacing gold as a store of value will help the environment and reducing the use of large banks and currencies will benefit society and the environment.

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