According to experts, blockchain is part of the Australian cybersecurity solution

A forum about Online Safety and Blockchain technology in which prominent experts and officials of the Australian government, found that Blockchain technology is a direct reaction to the increase in cyber attacks on the integrity of systems through data manipulation.

The recently appointed CEO of Blockchain Australia, Steve Vallasheld a panel discussion on July 30 on the use of blockchain in cybersecurity with experts from various fields who were among the more than 300 participants.

The panel was formed by the head of National blockchain, Chloe knowsfrom the Ministry of Industry and the Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg, the CEO of the cyber security company CyberCX John Paitaridisand the founder and CTO of the blockchain database company, Proven DB Guy Harrison.

According to experts, blockchain is part of the Australian cybersecurity solution
According to experts, blockchain is part of the Australian cybersecurity solution

Experts with decades of experience in the cyber security industry, They defined emerging technologies as a critical component to protect Australia from future attacks. In addition, they pointed out that blockchain, although not a complete solution, should be considered by companies in general as the country is working to stay ahead of potential attackers.

Blockchain is about information integrity

During the panel Paitaridis said the attacks are becoming more frequent and severe, suggesting that China is behind the main attacks State actors that have appeared since June and have threatened many industries, including the Australian government:

“In June of this year, the Australian Prime Minister announced a” nameless state actor “. You can read that China is a scaled-up, committed, and persistent target for businesses and government agencies across Australia as part of a major attack on Great.”

These cyber security breaches have increased by almost 80% in the past 12 months, and their approach has been specifically adapted, detailed:

“What worries me a lot is the integrity of our systems. Instead of wiping out information, there are increasing attacks in Australia that manipulate data to reduce the integrity of a system.”

This will cause chaos, explains Paitaridis ever since “Senior government officials, executives, and investors may be affected if they cannot trust the information they see.”. Not everything is bad news, as blockchain technology can address this vulnerability, Paitaridis concluded.

It’s not about keeping people away, it’s about ensuring the integrity of your data. Harrison explained that “The impact of data manipulation by humans is huge […] and that’s where blockchain comes in. “

“For the first time in computer science, we have a storage mechanism in which to write something and we can be sure that it has not been overwritten before.”

In response to a question about Live data manipulation, this means, Editing data before it is inserted into the blockchain networkHarrison suggested that The technology must be used in conjunction with other solutions such as artificial intelligence.

“Most blockchain platforms don’t have many other features that we need to use data effectively,” he concluded, noting that while they are an integral part, They are not the only technology required for a suitable cybersecurity solution.

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