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Acciona uses blockchain for the intellectual property of its digital energy platforms

June 13, 2020

The company has implemented blockchain-based registration to protect the intellectual property of the platforms Self-developed digits that optimize your energy operation.

Acciona is a global company with a business model that is based on sustainability and aims to successfully respond to the major global challenges such as global warming, overpopulation and water scarcity.. Challenges for which solutions for renewable energies, resilient infrastructures, management and treatment of water and services are being developed.

Acciona said in a statement that it “wants to protect strategic technological solutions for innovations that offer competitive advantages in the management of renewable assets”.

Acciona uses blockchain for the intellectual property of its digital energy platformsAcciona uses blockchain for the intellectual property of its digital energy platforms

Humanity faces numerous challenges such as climate change, overpopulation, poverty and water scarcity. Sustainable development goals ensure that all people have equal opportunities for development and well-being. Through projects for renewable energies, water, infrastructure and services. In this sense, Acciona contributes to the achievement of these goals.

Acciona offers sustainable solutions

The company does a different kind of business and provides sustainable solutions to key global challenges to help create more resilient societies. and design a better planet.

The company, headed by José Manuel Entrecanales, has pioneered the use of blockchain to certify the origins of its renewable energy and storage processesIt is proposed that this new application now guarantee ownership of platforms that it has developed internally, including the following:

  • Athermis, A thermographic inspection software with which the condition of the photovoltaic modules of large photovoltaic systems can be recorded and analyzed.

  • Adosa store as a tool for the analysis and simulation of storage systems in plants for the generation of renewable energy.

  • Retail chain As a blockchain system that checks the traceability of energy and enables monitoring of the energy storage process in the company’s facilities for renewable energies in real time.

  • GreenChain as a platform, based on the concept of blockchain, in order to guarantee customers the traceability of renewable energy sources in real time.

  • Windbrain As an application that detects anomalies in the behavior of wind turbines – diagnostics – that facilitates preventive maintenance and optimizes operation and maintenance.

Entrecanales, for its part, noted that Spain is now facing a historic opportunity to make a determined ecological transition, and that: “We need to combine the fight against the economic impact of the pandemic with the fight against climate change.”

He also thanked all of the company’s employees for their efforts to ensure that Acciona overcomes the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and for its commitment to the various social cooperation initiatives that have taken place in different countries around the world in recent months World were developed. .

Acciona is a global corporation for the development and management of sustainable infrastructure solutions, especially for renewable energies. His work spans the entire value chain of design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Acciona’s goal

Their goal is to advance the transition to a low-carbon economy, for which technical excellence and innovation are at the service of all projects to create a better planet. The company generated sales of 7,191 million euros in 2019 and is represented in more than 60 countries and develops its business as part of its commitment to contribute to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates.

Acciona can boast of having implemented “for the first time in the energy sector”. A certification that guarantees the protection of the source codes of your applications through unique alphanumeric codes (hash) with reliable registration of the date and the storage of trustworthy third parties via the blockchain.

The company said:

“This solution closes a functional vulnerability in software protection that is generally not patentable under Spanish law and requires the source code to be published in order to demonstrate ownership in the intellectual property register and make it accessible to third parties.” The system implemented by Acciona has legal recognition and validity, “allowing the company to own the software, thereby strengthening its innovation and digital transformation processes.”

How does it work?

Based on a document that contains the programming of the software developed by Acciona, A unique alphanumeric code (hash) is generated, which corresponds to a digital fingerprint. This hash is protected with the date and time of its creation in a registration platform while being sent to three different blockchain platforms that accredit and certify the process.

The original source code document remains in Acciona’s care and is reliably linked to the generated unique alphanumeric code (hash).

With a presence in more than 60 countries on five continents, the company develops its business commitments to build a better planet, contributing to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates through clean energy, infrastructure and infrastructure . Water and services.

The company was also a pioneer in using blockchain for other renewable energy applications, such as ensuring the traceability of the 100% renewable origin of the electricity generated in its plants. and what is stored in batteries, expanding the use of popular digital technology in a sector where the energy sector is the largest independent global operator dedicated to clean energy only.

The company’s sustainability strategy is instrumentalized by the sustainability master plan, a roadmap that integrates all of the company’s initiatives in this area in parallel with the company’s decision to lead the transition to a low economy.

The company strives to be a leader in the creation, promotion and management of infrastructure, energy, water and services. active contribution to social welfare, sustainable development and added value for its stakeholders.

The company is represented in 11 Latin American countries, including Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama.