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Abdelaziz Yerad, new Prime Minister of Algeria

December 28, 2019

EL CAIRO, Dec. 28 (Reuters / EP) –

Algeria's president, Abdelmayid Tebune, has appointed Abdelaziz Yerad on Saturday as the country's new prime minister, according to Algerian public television.

Yerad is a career diplomat and teaches Political Science at the University of Algiers. Its main challenge will be to face the political and legitimacy crisis in which the Government is mired after months of protests that ended decades of Abdelaziz Buteflika's government, which left office in April.

Abdelaziz Yerad, new Prime Minister of Algeria
Abdelaziz Yerad, new Prime Minister of Algeria

In the last manifestations banners with slogans such as 'No to dialogue with the fraudulent', 'Power for the people' and 'System, outside' have been displayed. They also demand the release of detainees.

The mobilizations have continued despite the resignation of Buteflika to request the exit of the power of the political-military dome associated with Buteflika, popularly known as 'Le Pouvoir' (The Power).

The recent presidential elections were held in the midst of this political and social crisis, with protesters calling for a boycott and rejecting Tebune's victory and its offer for a “serious” dialogue.

After swearing in office on Thursday, the new Algerian president said that “it is time to turn the page on discrepancies and division” and asked the population to “hold hands” to “build a new, strong, stable and developed republic” .

Tebune's call for dialogue, formulated in his first speech after his electoral victory, has caused some divisions among protesters, given that some are open to this path to end the political crisis.

Tebune, 74, has reached the Presidency after a political career in which he held several local positions before holding the portfolio of the Ministry of Housing and, hence, the executive headquarters for only three months (from August to October 2017).

However, he was stopped months later by Buteflika for alleged friction with influential businessmen in the country, and suspicions of interference in the country's foreign policy, power of the president.

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